YourTrafficHits Revamp: What to Look Forward to

March 19, 2015

YTH Revamp - What to Look Forward to
YourTrafficHits, your leading targeted traffic supplier, just got bigger and bolder as it finally revealed its transformed site. As YourTrafficHits’ revamp finally in play, there will be tons of new features and additional services that customers could look forward to.

Since the market for website traffic is still evolving into a highly-competitive niche, it’s important for a supplier to stand out from the rest. YTH saw this trend and used the chance to provide something refreshing that new and recurring customers will surely be excited about.

“We aimed for a crisper kind of website where people can immediately see the services that we are offering, and that is to provide real human targeted traffic.” Aaron Harris, CEO of YourTrafficHits said.  Compared to the early “blocky” type of website, Aaron and his team thought that YourTrafficHits should be transformed into a cleaner and leaner look that can easily attract visitors.

Now, customers will be able to order traffic faster and easier with the new order system that will cut the ordering time process by half. In this way, customers can easily get the website traffic that they want faster than ever! Other improved features are:

  • Shopping Cart experience

    Now, We all know how long you (As we) have waited for this! Buying website traffic ought to be a fun and hassle-free experience; just like choosing to buy a number of clothes and paying for your order through the cashier, you can also add, mix, and match your targeted traffic packages to what suits you best.

  • Improved user dashboard

    Members are now given systematic dashboards that enables easy access to campaign stats, additional traffic campaign options, and view their correspondences with the YTH team.

  • New Ticket System

    Users can now send their inquiries and need not worry if their concern will be addressed or not. Our new ticket system enables users to view their message history, receive a notification when a customer representative replies, and create new tickets whenever they feel the need.

  • Enhanced customer support service

    Customer support team is now well-equipped with a wider range of knowledge in terms of traffic services and provides even faster communication with customers.

  • YTH Affiliate program

    Members can now be affiliate partners of YTH. They can simply register their websites to YTH and earn 20% commissions every time campaigns are availed through their program. Aaron also boasted that their affiliate program gives 10% more commission compared to their leading affiliate competitors.

And despite all these added features, Aaron assures its clients that the quality of their traffic will be better, if not the same.

“It’s all for our customers and clients. We will still be one of the best suppliers on the internet that offers cheap traffic to our clients. That is what we really what we aim for.”  Aaron said.

“We know exactly what our clients feel whenever they order traffic. We’ve been through those times when we almost had no traffic to start with. But everything will change right after YourTrafficHits revamp. We make sure clients experience better services and use some new features that will level-up their basis on buying traffic.”