YourTrafficHits PSA – Avoid Illegitimate Traffic Suppliers

December 15, 2015

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As part of YourTrafficHits’s movement to provide their clients awareness with the current state of SEO and traffic on the Internet, the said traffic supplier decided to provide two PSAs for this week. Today, your Internet’s leading website traffic supplier will give another important announcement that will focus on traffic.

Again, we would like to thank all the readers, viewers, visitors and clients who continuously support YourTrafficHits.


It’s very alarming that some of our clients are turning to “cheaper” traffic partners to save as much as they can when they buy targeted traffic. According to some our clients who admitted this practice, they already used alternative paid traffic sources such as Fiverr suppliers and “magic” traffic generators, which both promised “real traffic” for a very cheap price. Sad to say, clients are now turning to illegitimate traffic suppliers for “better” traffic.

We all know that these sources offer a cheaper alternative when it comes to paid traffic, but unfortunately, the quality of traffic on these sites is questionable.

Research shows that the majority of visitors from these sites were either bot traffic or untargeted traffic, despite the fact that they were tagged as “targeted traffic” from their suppliers. And as website owners, you should be aware that these kinds of visitors are harmful for your website.

When search engine crawlers find out that you are sending poor quality traffic on your site, they might de-rank your site. Fooling search engines with fake bot traffic will never ever improve your ranks. If you are aiming for something that could improve your ranks, you should only use real traffic from real traffic suppliers.

Do take note that some of these suppliers from these sources are bringing real traffic to their clients’ sites, but the chances of finding this kind of suppliers are very low.

To ensure that you’re getting the right visitors, your site can increase website traffic by buying traffic from trusted traffic suppliers. A good traffic supplier should have certifications from big traffic authorities that will guarantee its clients with quality traffic.

YourTrafficHits believes that every website owner, web master, and online marketer deserves nothing but the best traffic services on the Internet. No site owner should be punished for getting a certain kind of traffic service which he/she thought was beneficial for his/her site.

Traffic is one of the most important factors in dominating your niche. With this, you must be wary about the quality of the traffic that you are getting. Only trust legitimate traffic suppliers for your site!