Why should you Target your Traffic

October 23, 2014

Why target your traffic

From all we heard across the net, we are always taught “how to” do things. How to make chocolate chip cookies? How to speak Mandarin? How to move-on with your recent break-up? But we truly didn’t know why we are doing these things. We are so fed up with information that we sometimes do things (just like opening a fridge) without even knowing the reason behind those actions in the first place. And now, so to speak, we came up with another good topic for you. From knowing the “hows” of traffic targeting comes into the question, why should you target your traffic?

Traffic targeting has been a common procedure to website owners. In order to get more accuracy on your website, you need to target traffic to website. We all know that we can get targeted traffic from different sites such as Social media sites, referrals, and traffic suppliers, and even from forums and threads, but the same question still buzzes on our head. Why should a web marketer need to target his traffic? Why should I consider some ways on how to send targeted traffic to my website?

A common answer would be “to get more sales”. But it doesn’t stop there. We listed down some reasons why targeting traffic isn’t just for sales. It’s more than what you ever think of.

  • To test your website efficiency – Little do website owners see that targeting their audience would make their website shine out more easily. But are you only limiting your website to your targeted audience? How about those who are not interested in your website? Aren’t they profitable sources, too? Yes, they are. And that is simply why you need to test out your website. With targeted website traffic, you may be able to point out things that you need to focus more. You can also see what things your audience would like to see. By improving your contents, not only targeted audiences would like and purchase your brand, but so does your unexpected traffic as well.
  • To develop better brand awareness – Website marketers always about their brand awareness. Sometimes, they would only focus on sales rather than focusing on their brand’s “existence”. No matter how much you earn with your product, as long as it doesn’t “exist” in the eyes of your customers, it would be useless. By using targeted traffic’s point of view as your “initial” existence, you will be getting more brand awareness as time goes by. With people (that are focused on your niche) knowing your existence, they would easier spread your brand. And with that, you will get better chances of spreading brand awareness.
  • To generate more traffic – We repeatedly say this to any kinds of traffic. And this quality of “referral” traffic could be better and better. With the ability of the people to share and to spread information, one interested person could lead to more and more interested community.
  • To know your website’s limits – Just like with our first reason to target traffic, knowing your website pretty well considered as a well-played strategy for online marketers. With that, certain limitations should also be considered with your website. Should you go overboard with your traffic? Will my website be able to control and handle traffic if they are not interested in my brand? These are the questions that could answer your query when you actually acquire or buy targeted traffic.


So the next time you plan to have more visitors, let this question be your guide: Why should you target your traffic?  Answer it and you’ll see the very reason why your website doesn’t ceased to exist.