Why do you need to know your Website Traffic?

July 25, 2014

Traffic, as we all know it, is the wave of visitors that visit your website. And sometimes, we forgot that there is more behind the numbers that we see on the screen. This is the main reason why you should know your website traffic.

Traffic, the bread and butter of online marketing, is ironically one of the most ignored in terms of additional information is concerned. Some website owners are contented for the mere fact that they have traffic on their website.

Why do you need to know your Website's Traffic?

The problem is, the only time you would give attention to it is when your traffic had something wrong in it and the analytics can’t figure it out. Later on, everything is too late for you to figure out the root of the problem.

First, let us tackle why you should understand your web traffic. Here is an example scenario in connection to traffic problem.

“You have your website as usual with the usual rate of visitors. Services and packages, still unchanged. Steady flow of profit and buyers still circulate your system, when suddenly a sudden traffic spike hit your analytics. Totally unaware of the basic traffic knowledge, you watched in horror as little by little your traffic decreased in numbers until it goes down to 1%. And then, your website crashed down.”

If we will predict the next scene on that scenario, you could expect that you’ll spend money on expensive website maintenance plus you have chances of experiencing that sudden decrease traffic spike again without knowing, wasting another amount of profit without ending the problem.

This is the very reason why you should know your web traffic.
It is important for you to understand where your traffic is coming from. Know the IP addresses of your usual visitors. In case of traffic spike, you can immediately point out the root of the spike and block its address.

Knowing your website traffic limit is also beneficial to your website. You should know your website’s “maximum capacity” in order to perform at its best. Sometimes when a website has more visitors in it than the amount that it can handle, it will slow down and eventually crash down. A “down” website can’t produce any profit, and without any website traffic hits, you are wasting time, money and energy.

You may not know it, but even the littlest thing that your traffic are doing such as clicking matters. Your traffic is the basis of your website’s success. More traffic can also mean more people are enjoying your website, not just because they “need” to be on your website.
In conclusion, no matter what happens, you are entitled to know your own website. It is very essential since your website runs on the power of your visitors.

So why do you need to know your website traffic?

Simple: It’s because it can affect your website’s ability to get more traffic!

Try free applications on the internet and start analyzing your website.