Why do you need to have Consistent Monthly Traffic: A Case Study by AllEuroCasino

August 4, 2014

Let us get to the point. It is hard for any starting website to maintain a steady flow of traffic.  You might call it a lucky strike when you have good traffic flow for weeks, but website owners would really have a hard time maintaining traffic even for a month. It would take tremendous SEO efforts (and a lot of advertising strategies if you have the money) to keep those traffic viewing on your website.

Buying traffic from suppliers has been one of the options for our subject. With almost all of the suggested tips and advices that different blogs and news had suggested to increase traffic, the site is still been arriving at a dead end.

We have been in the online business industry for almost 9 years now. We had ups and downs about traffic. On some rare occasions, our traffic count would rise up, but these days were surely followed by instances where our traffic volume would significantly fall down.

After carefully choosing and searching for the right traffic supplier, we decided to buy traffic. We made an experiment on how effective consistent traffic can be to your website. And for that, we decided to purchase traffic consistently for 8 months to check whether it will create positive result in traffic, in our ranking and more importantly on our sales.

The graph below shows initial traffic we have before we launched the traffic campaign. With around 600 people visiting the site, we really have a problem with our traffic. You can notice that we have few visitors and most of it are generated through direct traffic, meaning the only people who visits our site are the ones who already knew us (existing players, staffs, etc.)This is when we decided to purchase traffic from our trusted supplier.

Initial Stats 1 All Euro Casino

Graph showing initial month stats before we started the traffic campaign with around 600 visitors per month.

After the first three months, the stats did show a significant spike in traffic, mostly on referral. Referral traffic threw out a massive and sudden 1550% increase. Well, it is expected since we purchase monthly traffic from a traffic provider. But direct traffic seems to be the same (just got a boost of around 20%). Social and Organic traffic did not almost change at 15% and 17% increase respectively.

The traffic increased and we got some movement and got better inquiries more than the last months but sales/players were still pretty much the same. But bounce rate, got decreased a little.

3rd Month Stats All Euro Casino

Graph showing 3rd month stats with around 1000-2000 visitors per month.

While we are on the monthly traffic subscription, we still did our daily SEO routine of sharing the site’s content to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. to support our monthly traffic campaign.

After six months of consistent traffic, our analytics immensely improved compared to the initial traffic data. Overall visitors increased around 200% vs the last 3 months stats! Referral traffic continue to increase (figures with around 60% increase in Referral traffic), and a massive 135% increase in Direct Traffic and 200% in Organic Search Traffic! The increase in Direct Traffic must be a result of visitors who were happy about the site and thus referred the site to their colleagues and that prompted them to visit the site directly.

Also, the sudden surge in Organic search traffic can be credited to good traffic source that our site is getting from the monthly traffic campaign. This consistent traffic made our site visible to Search engines.

Before we started our monthly traffic campaign, AllEuroCasino is nowhere to be found in Google, Yahoo and Bing searches. But after the 6 months of purchasing traffic for our website, we arrive on page 4 on Google and page 3 on both Yahoo and Bing. We assumed that all of these rank improvements became a reality because of the consistent traffic that we are receiving. We saw an average increase on the number of players in our site. That sudden increase in players took effect on our sales, causing almost 40% growth in revenue.

With the annual routine of traffic maintenance, we continued purchasing traffic from our traffic supplier. With the recent improvements of the website, we thought that there must really be a connection between the consistency of traffic and the development of sales.    

 6th Month Traffic Stats All Euro Casino

 Graph here showing 6th month stats with around 5000 visitors per month.

Approaching the 8th month of our traffic purchasing campaign, there has been a dramatic change in the number of viewers. From a mere 400-500 visitors per month when we started, we came up with 7000-10000 visitors per month!

Our referral traffic increased further by 80%. Direct traffic ballooned further by 100% while Organic Search Traffic expanded by 200%! This might due to the changes in our Search Engine rankings.

From nowhere, our Google page rank turned 4 but our Yahoo rank came up from page 3 to page 2 while Bing indexed our website from page 3 to page 1!

We assumed that this amazing statistics was possible because of the improving page ranks from search engines, aided by the continuous views and visits from our both loyal and new players.

Initial Stats Comparison All Euro Casino8th_cs1 (250)

Initial Traffic Stats                                              8th month stats

 Graph here, showing side by side comparison between the initial statistics graph from the last quarter graph 

Comparing the data from our initial traffic before the traffic subscription with the data of the final quarter result of traffic after purchasing it from our supplier, you can see very obvious difference between the two.

From 328 visitors per month (avg) to 1,852 number of direct traffic; 92 to 6,485 number in referral traffic; from 177 to 984 number in Social traffic and from 59 to 702 in organic traffic. We had almost 2,000% increase in monthly visitors.

Our sales increased by almost 86% by just 8 months, beating our average monthly increase of revenue from 6%. Consistent traffic caused x8 increase in sales. It is clearly obvious that consistent traffic is the one responsible with these numbers.

From there on, we decided to purchase traffic monthly to continuously maintain the great flow of traffic to the website. Without stopping our SEO, monthly website checkups and continuous improvement on games and services for our new loyal and would be customers, we continue to recognize the importance of having continuous flow of traffic to your website.


Based on our statistics, we could say that getting consistent traffic monthly can help you build up your traffic. Remember, continuous traffic means greater brand awareness, greater sales and as well as generating additional traffic on your website.

The success of your website will depend on how you will handle your difficulties. Will you just stick on the traditional long-cut procedures or will you buy your traffic for your website. With this case study, we hope that you can decide whether it is worthy to purchase web traffic for your website or not.

If you think it’s worth the every penny, then do buy target from your trusted supplier. We challenge you to beat our records and analytics! We want you to experience what stable flow of traffic could affect your website. If we made it through, so could you!