When’s NOT the Right Time to Buy Web Traffic

April 20, 2015


You obviously take your lunch in the afternoon, right? You also take a bath when you feel like you are dirty (which is obviously the first thing that you do every morning). You take a pee whenever you feel like your bladder is full and sit whenever you feel like your knee is starting to fall. Everything has its own proper timing. If you can’t follow that, you will most likely fail. This also goes when you buy web traffic. You need to follow the right timing to make the most out of your store-bought traffic.

Let us ask you this. When is not the right time to buy website traffic? We bet that you don’t know the answer to that question, yet.

It is a fact that we already know why we should buy traffic, and what the benefits are when we do this. But do you really know when to stop doing this? Do you know when not to buy that traffic that you really are aiming for?

Traffic buying is good for you since it brings you the right traffic for your website. You can also gain a lot of sales, clicks and hits faster than your competitors if you buy your traffic immediately from traffic suppliers. However, there will be times when you shouldn’t buy traffic.


  1. Don’t buy your traffic if you doubt your traffic supplier – Sometimes, our gut feel can sense a lot of things that our minds can’t. If you think your website traffic service supplier isn’t credible enough to give you traffic, you must stop purchasing from them. Try to do further research about your traffic supplier before you do transactions with them.


  1. Don’t buy consistent traffic if you have problems with your website – Another way to waste good traffic is by purchasing it when you have problems with your traffic. If some of your pages won’t work (or if you have bugs or something), expect your store bought traffic to disappear.The next time you let your traffic in, be sure that all of your systems are on the go.


  1. Don’t buy site traffic if it’s not targeted – Don’t risk your website’s integrity and SEO with untargeted traffic. You may not know it, but untargeted traffic can bring a lot of disadvantage to your website like:
    1. Increases of bounce rates
    2. Lowers conversion rates
    3. Deflates your ROI


  1. Don’t buy your traffic if you don’t know how to optimize it properly – Some website owners don’t know how to maximize their traffic properly. Some may just purchase traffic for the sake of buying it.As a website owner, you must know how to use your traffic properly. You must    efficiently in order to make the most out of it.


  1. Don’t buy site traffic if you don’t know which audience should be targeted – If you don’t actually target your traffic, it would be a problem. Blindly targeting your audience won’t give you good results at all.Before you do any movements when it comes to traffic purchasing, you should first make sure that you have a clear view of your plan, your target niche, your objectives and your target audience.


So would you eat your lunch during breakfast time? Would you force a rooster to cluck first thing in the afternoon? No! And you shouldn’t buy web traffic when you have these given scenarios!