What To Do After You Buy Targeted Traffic?

September 21, 2015

cart with traffic

Buying traffic from suppliers to improve your analytics is not rocket science. As a matter of fact, it’s slowly treated as one of the most essential steps that greenhorn website owners must take when they build their own site.

For newbie website owners, getting the traffic that you need by buying it should sound a healthy fix for that traffic hunger. Well, if that’s how easy it is to attract traffic, then why not just buy targeted traffic and wait for them to arrive, right?

But the thing here is that you must not only be able to get traffic to visit your website but also to encourage your website traffic to engage. Well technically, you are just wasting your traffic if you won’t optimize them they got into your website.

This is one of the things that website owners don’t understand. And this is also the main reason some buyers thought that the traffic they’re receiving is not really doing anything at all.

So the question is this…

What should you do after buying targeted website traffic? Is there any difference if you just leave them cranking on your website?

The answer? There is a difference, and we listed down for you!

  1. Adding a few more contents will definitely do the trick – The thing about sending targeted audience to your site is that they would most probably look for something that they have never seen before. And no matter how targeted and categorized they are, their thirst for knowledge will always be there. So it would definitely help if you get some new things to explore when you invite new visitors to your site.
  2. Double-checking your site’s availability is also significant, too – Sometimes, it is advisable to check your whole website before ordering traffic. This is mainly because some website owners forgot that some parts of their websites were closed or unavailable. This causes a lot of 303 or 304s which can either irritate or redirect your traffic to another part of the site, losing your chance to convert them.
  3. Tracking your traffic is also a must – For some, looking at the static analytics doesn’t do anything at all. Yes, you have your website running and your traffic arriving and that’s most probably it. But little do these website owners know that data from your purchase is also important. But why buy traffic and check your stats? This is because it will help you in two things:
  • One is that it will help you reassure that you got the right amount of traffic
  • Two is that you will be able to measure your website’s limits and ability to handle certain amounts of traffic.

Remember, buying traffic from suppliers is a very logical way to attract prospects. However, letting it settle down is not enough to give you conversion and engagement.

The lesson? Act immediately after receiving traffic!