What is The Best Premium Targeted Traffic?

March 25, 2015


Who in the world could never want the title, “BEST”? I know that we’ve already been there, aiming for perfection and the likes. When we were just a child, we’d be winners on those simple categories like “Best in Math”, “Best in Stitching”, “Best in Swimming” and the likes. But when it comes to traffic, which rules them all? How can you say that this certain traffic is the best premium targeted traffic? What are the characteristics of such traffic? What a better way to ask this is to repose my question. Is there really best premium targeted site traffic in the first place?

Let us break down this argument into easier parts first.

What is the best targeted website traffic?

We already know that targeted site traffic is the kind of traffic that is highly convertible and can generate additional traffic to its aim. Targeted site traffic are set to be interested in your niche so it can be easy for any marketer to convert them into paying customers.

For all we know, we consider targeted traffic as one of the best kinds of traffic since it can produce sales in the fastest way possible. But in what sense can this “nearly perfect” traffic be more perfect?

  1. The perfect traffic should be able to convert faster – Of course; this still depends on you as a website. You can’t simply convert your viewer if you don’t have an engaging content.
  2. The perfect traffic shouldn’t bounce at all – This traffic shouldn’t bounce at all. Bounce occurs when someone visits your website and immediately closes its tab or leaves it without doing anything. The perfect site traffic doesn’t do all this at all.

What is the best premium traffic?

What comes in your mind when you say premium? For some, premium means one of a kind. It’s one of the best qualities that you should be looking for. Premium site traffic is something that worth gold. When you say premium, it’s something that should be treated like honor. It’s the highest of the highest.

But of course, what how can this kind of “high quality traffic” can be a more perfect real website traffic?

  1. If it does convert well – Premium may be best in quality, but it doesn’t mean that it does convert well. The perfect traffic should convert whenever it needs to.
  2. If it does return to your website as a recurring traffic – Still, your premium traffic should be able to stay at your website. A premium site traffic may be a thing, but a loyal viewer, subscriber and customer are something else.

So what if we combined them together and formed the best premium targeted traffic? What would it look like?

  • It should have lightning fast conversion – Like The Flash, your traffic should convert faster than ever. This can be possible if and only if you have the right content for your niche.
  • It stays on your website – Your website traffic should stay there without bouncing it should stay there for good!
  • It should convert well – In terms of quality, your customer should be able to convert directly contributing well with your sales.
  • It should be loyal to your brand to the point that it becomes your subscriber – It will stay there as long as it enjoys your contents!

So let me ask you this, is it possible for you to obtain the best premium targeted traffic? Maybe, if you know the right traffic source for you. Who knows? As long as you know how to convert with your website, you won’t have any problem at all.