What is Targeted Website Traffic?

June 23, 2014

You can’t sell cat food to dog owners, right? You can’t also sell fish hooks to bear hunters, right? In online marketing, you need to know your specific buyers in order to produce sales. You can do that by getting the right audience for your website. You need to target your traffic.


But what is targeted traffic?

What is targeted website traffic?

Targeted traffic can be defined with these connections: Dog food to dog owners, fish hooks to fisherman. Traffic (or should we say visitors) that falls under certain circumstances or category (Buyer “A” will be interested on “A” products while Buyer “B” will like “B” products) is considered as targeted traffic.

Most commonly used as advertising strategy, targeted traffic offers a more refined result compared to those traffic that you get from organic searches, backlinks, etc. These audiences visit your website because they want to and because you have something in stored for them.
Unlike untargeted traffic, this kind of traffic produces a higher sales rate. Imagine getting 10,000 visitors who just got to your website accidentally, and compare them to a 1,000 visitors who intended to visit your website. Chances are, you’ll get more profit from the 1,000 visitors compared to 10,000 users.

Traffic that is targeted on your category usually ends up as sales or as subscribers. This is a good asset to website owners since sales mean income while subscribers mean additional traffic which can lead to permanent traffic. For example, a person who is interested on your services would visit your in order to test out your premium-trial-membership account. As a subscriber, he will be part of your daily visitor. After a while if all goes well, this visitor would upgrade his account into a paying account which leads to sales.

Targeted web traffic is what you need in your website if you want the money to flow continuously. Though they are classified as visitors (meaning they would just visit your website), there is a greater chance of having these visitors into potential buyers or as we call it conversion. Conversion is the transformation of users to become payers. Once you got a steady flow of these people, expect your earnings to increase gradually.

This certain type of traffic is usually a “momentum builder” for a new website. At first, a neophyte website would want to start out big. As time goes by, their first targeted web visitors would turn into subscribers one by one, pays progressively with each service that they offer to their subscribers, then slowly these subscribers would spread the good news to other potential subscribers and so on so forth.

Now you have an idea of what is targeted traffic all about. It’s about time to get that traffic! Start acting now and get your niches straight! Targeted website traffic is what online marketing really about.