What is Real Website Traffic?

September 22, 2014

What is real website traffic

Image by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Let’s face it; expectations aren’t as good as the reality itself. Sometimes, we find ourselves seeing into something that isn’t really possible. We often see ourselves living in our dreams, only to find out that it is unreachable and impossible. But there are certain things that are better if it’s real. An example of this is people. You would rather hang out with “real” people rather than staying with others who obviously fake it. In the world of online marketing, it’s better to have real website traffic rather than having bot traffic.

What is Real Website traffic?

                When we say real, it means possible and truth. Real exists for a reason, and that is to serve its purpose in life. Real traffic goes the same. They are like guaranteed website traffic, existed to serve its function on your website and to view your website and to become a possible customer.

Real web traffic consists of humans who produce real clicks and views to your website. They became real customers who also produce real income and profit. Unlike bot traffic, real website traffic deliver more accurate results because they are real people with real with real engagement.

As much as possible, when you buy website hits, make sure it is real traffic.

Why should I get this kind of traffic?

                Think of it this way. Would you rather have friends who tell you the truth or would you rather have friends who lie to you always? Just like with your website traffic, you want integrity on it. Real internet traffic gives you more than just views; these people could generate real clicks and even real engagement to your website. And there is nothing more accurate than getting real, actual readings from real interactions with people.

Just like the things we buy in online shops such as Amazon or eBay, we only want what is original, what is real and what is true. We are disappointed when we get the things that we order and yet they don’t fall under what the website’s description. Just like these things, traffic should be realistic as promised. And once we get the right item (and the real right traffic), we get the feeling of deep satisfaction.

What are the sources of this traffic?

                 You can get real traffic from different sources such as direct visits, referrals, backlinks and other sources, as long as you are sure that they are real and they consist of real people.

For instance, the most common source of real (and fast) website traffic are traffic suppliers. There are hundreds of well-known traffic suppliers in the World Wide Web and yet some of them don’t offer reputable traffic. Most of them give you only bot traffic instead of real traffic. You can identify this by heatmap tools available on the internet. Identify which suppliers has good and real testimonials and certifications.

As much as possible, only buy targeted  traffic. In this way, you can be sure that these people aren’t bots, plus they are interested in your website content. With targeted traffic, you can assure that you no don’t only have useful traffic on your site, but also high convertible traffic. With targeted traffic, you get better chances of earning.

In conclusion, real website traffic is a must have for every online marketer. Get only credible sources of traffic for your website. Be real, be effective, and be the make your earnings become a reality!