What is Mobile Traffic?

November 18, 2014

Mobile Traffic

Almost everyone has their mobile phones and gadgets. You could see almost everyone looking at their phones as they walk along busy streets. When you eat at restaurants, you could sometimes see people taking pictures of their food using their own mobile and gadget. At home, as young as 1 year old babies, even have their own mobile devices such as tablets and iPads (for viewing child friendly videos and games). As of now, almost everything is associated with mobile devices. As an online marketer, you just don’t want to focus on your viewers that use PCs. This time, you need to invest in mobile traffic.

As our generation shifts, mobile users are multiplying faster and faster. Computers are slowly replaced by mobile devices. These devices offer different advantages compared to your traditional computers.:

  • One is that mobile devices offer more portability than your desk computers. You could actually bring it everywhere. This makes mobile phones easier to reach.
  • Another thing is that mobile gadgets are having faster connection compared to your PC versions. Since mobile versions are “smaller” compared to you PC version, they require less time in loading up

Guaranteed visitors for mobile is definitely one of the must haves for any website. Since the growing number of mobile users would change the way you see your website, getting mobile traffic would be beneficial. With your website targeting mobile traffic, you wouldn’t only get PC traffic, but as well as mobile traffic. In this way, you would be benefiting on not just one platform. And imagine venturing to another medium. That would be another set of viewers, getting another set of clicks and hits.

So before you giddy-up with excitement, let us venture deeper on what Mobile traffic is all about.

What is Mobile Traffic?

This kind of targeted traffic is focused on mobile users. These users may come from different places, as long as their preferred medium of web surfing is mobile devices.

Mobile targeted traffic is widely used by website owners who have both mobile and PC version of their website. This kind of traffic is also used when a website owner wants to try out his newly built mobile version of their website.

This kind of real website traffic can also be used to target people who are on the go, assuming that mobile users are using its portability as an advantage to their active life.


Who makes up this kind of traffic?

Traffic targeted to mobile gadgets is mostly made up of people who use mobile devices as their browsing device. They may come from different walks of life with different backgrounds, as long as they use mobile devices, then definitely, they can be targeted as mobile traffic.

Another great characteristic of this kind of traffic is that they are mostly people who go out more often. Since mobile devices are proud of being “mobile”, most of the people who use this medium are on-the-go.

What are the benefits of using this traffic?

For starters, targeting mobile audiences is another gateway of multiple possibilities. You could get more traffic because it’s another platform of viewers. With that, you could get more possible clicks, views, hits, possible subscriptions and even increase sales!

What are you waiting for? Get your Targeted Mobile traffic, now!