What is Men’s Health Traffic?

April 24, 2015


Men have been stereotyped as “meat eating” people. According to some conversations, men would eat everything that they can. They are also stereotyped as being unhealthy, oblivious about their weight and glutton. Some of guys depicted on commercials and other media are fat and unhealthy. They are often seen smoking or chowing down chunks of food. But did you know that not all men are like that? Some of men are really concerned with their health. This is one of the reasons why there are still websites that focus on men’s health. Men’s health traffic is also distributed on these websites in order to perform well.

Websites that focus on men’s health are not that many. Since health websites are mostly generalized, some website owners chose to be more specific, targeting men into their site. With these very low statistics, website owners are enticed to venture on men’s health. Usually, men’s health websites are made up of different contents and articles that are not specifically focused on health. Some men’s health websites have “fashion tips for men” included on their website. But despite of subject overlapping, these websites are still flooded with men’s health targeted website traffic, and this is one unique characteristic of both website and the traffic.

To give you an idea of this traffic, let us first list down some possible topics that men’s health websites usually tackle.

  • Fitness topics – When we talk about men’s health, working out and gym routines are automatically registered in our minds. These topics cover up from the “best 10-minute abs workouts” to “how to lift without whining”
  • Nutrition – Men are also meticulous about the food that they eat. In some cases, you will find here the best diet for those lifestyles that perfectly fit for a men’s nature. You can find wonder diets here such as “50 protein shakes to loosen up 50 pounds of fat” and the likes.
  • Sex – A common portion where anything and everything about men’s sex life is discussed.
  • Fashion – Men also have to dress to impress. Here lies every fashion trend that men need to look good and feel great.

These are some of the topics that you might encounter with websites focused on men’s health. Now, the big question is how your targeted men’s health site traffic should be.


Men’s Health traffic is not just men

Believe it or not, men’s health website traffic can be targeted to women, too. Some women subscribe to magazines and website subscriptions to be updated and in the know with the latest ideas and trends of men. Most of the time, women want to understand men and this is one way to do so.

Still, this kind of traffic is consistently made up of men. Some of these viewers may be gym buffs (for fitness and nutrition), Average Joes, students (especially college guys) and the like.

In terms of age demography, this kind of traffic is usually targeted from ages 18 and up. Young adults and middle aged guys are the usual target when it comes to this kind of traffic.


Sources of targeted men’s health site traffic

This traffic may come from different sources as well. Some can come from organic searches. These organic viewers are acquired when they search on a keyword and a certain men’s health website pops out as a suggestion. You could also buy traffic targeted to men’s health from trusted traffic suppliers..


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