What is Internet traffic

April 23, 2015


Internet has been a big part of everyone’s life. When you woke up, you would probably check your phone for your Facebook updates or even check your e-mail for the most recent e-mails you have received. After that, you would go to your office and face the computer, which is obviously connected on the internet. At home, you would browse Netflix, windowshop at Amazon or e-Bay, make fun with Reddit and enjoy a peaceful good night sleep using your smart bed. All of these are possible because of your internet connection. And of course, these internet providers also need internet traffic to their websites.

Imagine life without the internet. It would be hard and frustrating, right? Since almost everything is connected to the internet, it is a must for any household or any office to get an internet connection. As of today, there are almost thousands of internet providers existing in the world. Each of them offers different promos, speed and price that will suit every internet need. And since the competition is rough, a website provider must also have targeted website traffic for their website in order to get more sales. But since this type of targeted traffic isn’t that popular to these kinds of website, internet providers are not fully aware that there is a specific traffic that could help them garner more engagements.

For those website owners who handle internet service websites, it is your lucky day. We will give you full insights of what website traffic is all about and how can you get this right now.

What is internet site traffic?

This kind of niche specific traffic is used by internet websites for their own traffic. These viewers are mainly focused on one thing, which is the internet itself. The only difference between this kind of traffic to other internet traffic is that they are more concerned about the connectivity of internet itself instead of the virtual world itself.

Internet traffic can be used as a great initial momentum traffic because they have the chance to generate more traffic. Once initial viewers are contented to the contents of a certain website, then your website could have the chance of “being shared” by these viewers through word of mouth, through social media sites and the like.

What kind of viewers is included in this kind of traffic?                                   

Targeted site traffic to internet is just like your other types of traffic which doesn’t have a specific demographic to fit in. Gender is not that important since males and females are equally treated when it comes to internet services. This makes this traffic versatile when you’re aiming for geo targeted traffic.

Age is also not considered that important. Mostly some of these viewers are targeted for teen-agers and up since they are the ones who pay for internet connections.

Geolocations, however, is a different story since some internet providers cannot reach specific regions. More often, most major internet service providers would target major cities.

What are the benefits of using this traffic?

Pairing real website traffic targeted to this niche on internet to websites that focus on the same category (let’s say internet providers) would result to better results. First, there would be a greater chance of producing more clicks, hits, views and subscriptions. Second is that since engagement is increased, there would be a greater chance of having conversion. When you get a lot of conversion, then you would be able to get more leads and profits, too.


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