What is Click Traffic?

March 26, 2015


 (image from lifehacker.com)


Did you know that the average person clicks about 428 times a day? That’s a lot of clicks, right? Now imagine if those clicks were interested clients who are pretty much into buying something from the internet? Imagine if half of those clicks lead towards transaction. That sounds pretty neat, right? Imagine getting 214 convertible clicks that can give you sales. Imagine 214 clicks that can give you that sudden boost in sales. But for you to be able to get those clicks, you have to build trust and ensure that your viewer’s clicks will be fruitful. If a website got whopping amounts of click traffic, that could be a game changer for them.

Everyone knows what clicks are. Grab a mouse or a touch-pad and you can produce your own click. Ask yourself why you click on the internet? Is it because of interest, curiosity or something else? We bet that you click because you want to visit another page. You click because you want to know more about a certain subject. You most probably click because you want to achieve a certain action with the help of your mouse. And if we assume that those actions are all towards transactions, those are pretty valuable. You might say that traffic clicks really are the right real traffic for your site.

So technically, what are click site traffic?

Basically, if a website viewer visits your website and produced one click, that certain viewer is already considered as click website traffic. No matter how many clicks that a viewer produced in your site, he or she will be considered as a click viewer.

Now, if you got your clickers on your website, what can we assume?

  1. Your website is interesting enough to attract click traffic – Clicks can either mean interest or something else. No one would even click a link on your website if they are not that interested on your site.
  1. They want to know more about some things – Maybe you lack information about a certain matter. Clicks can also mean that they are searching for something that didn’t appear on one page. Don’t feel bad about it, though.
  1. Engagements are nearly perfect – Viewer activities are prominent in this manner. More clicks mean more viewers are already engaged on your website. This is a very good sign, especially if you are aiming for viewer activities first before anything else.


Click viewers can actually turn out as your guaranteed visitors in the end. So if you think you got enough click traffic, you must at least maximize and optimize their existence in your website. But how will you be able to do such thing?

  • Tweak your website – Click site traffic can either mean good or bad. Try to tweak your website by adjusting and fixing bugs, etc. After that, check if it works for your website.
  • Use heat-maps to understand clicks better – There are various heat-maps that show you your traffic’s click activities. Learn which parts of your websites receive the most clicks. Optimize them out if possible.
  • Make sure that your links are “click-friendly” – Don’t redirect them to somewhere else. Always direct your viewers to what your links are supposed to bring them to.
  • Use the presence of your clickers as your advantage – Be somehow aggressive in subscriptions. You can side things up with pop-ups and the like.

Remember, click traffic can increase website traffic if moderated in a good way. You just have to make sure you really know why your viewers are clicking on your website. Optimize it according to your needs and you’ll be surprised that you have more sales and conversions coming your way in the future.