What is Alexa Web Traffic Analysis?

May 22, 2015


Alexa is just one of the most common website traffic analytics that is used by almost all of website marketers. With its major popularity with website owners, Alexa was prompted as one of the complete basis of website traffic. But even though Alexa has been treated badly for its results are only “rough estimations”, it would still be a valid and an ideal reason to use Alexa’s data into consideration. With all of these, we could say alexa web traffic analysis is still one of the best analytics you could trust on.

Before we advance, let us look deeper into the history of Alexa’s website. This site traffic analytics was discovered in 1996 by American Web entrepreneurs Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. It was then attained by Amazon in 1999. This was one of the few web analytics that early website owners use in order to understand their traffic. With never changing reputation, Alexa already served almost 30 million websites with their information and data about each of their sites. These web traffic analysis reports are recorded with the use of their toolbar.

Now, Alexa has been one of the choices by website marketers when it comes in checking and analyzing website traffic. And without a doubt, Alexa will still be one of the most trusted website analytics tools available in the internet. But with some articles and controversies saying that Alexa isn’t reputable anymore, plus more and more people see Alexa’s data futile, how can your campaigns benefit from them? How can a 19 year old traffic analytics accurately give me results so that my traffic quality could improve?

Don’t worry! We listed some advantages of using Alexa website traffic analysis. With this, you could make sure that not only does your traffic campaigns benefit from it, but so do your ROI, your conversion and even your sales.

Alexa Gives Exposure

For starters, Alexa is just another analytic tool. But if you look a little bit closer, you might see a glint of light in Alexa’s interface. You could actually get referral traffic! How is that possible? Remember the time when Amazon acquired Alexa? This could mean that every analysis that Alexa does would also pop-up on Amazon’s screen. And since Amazon is just one of the biggest websites every existed on the internet, there are greater chances to increase viewers if you know how to get website traffic fast from amazon’s website itself. With a little help from referral traffic, your campaigns could go a long way ahead.

Alexa’s Data is still Data

Every marketer should realize that having traffic data is better than having no data at all. Even though Alexa rankings isn’t as great as it looks, take consideration of its sources. Remember that Alexa does get its data from users themselves. And who does visit your website? The same users who use Alexa. Come to think of it, it’s better to have Alexa data so that your campaign could have a guide instead of groping in the dark without any idea at all.

Alexa gives more than just Traffic

When you look at the interface of your Alexa data, you don’t just see your dose of traffic and their numbers, you also see their demographics and their sources as well. With these data, you could set your campaigns to your preferred targets, maximizing the efficiency of your ads.

So why not patronize Alexa? Try it out and see how it would work with your website. Remember, a great website should have great services and great products. Don’t just settle with your analytics. Make the change that you should have, right now! Discover that Alex is still one of the best website traffic analytics on the internet!