What are Website Traffic Statistics

November 14, 2014


Statistics can be seen almost everywhere. When you wake up, you could see statistics on your morning news channel. You could also see some statistics about moms who preferred your fresh milk from other brands of fresh milk.  When you get in your car to work, you could also hear statistics from commercials and advertisements. But why are they used by companies? And if you are also  an online marketer, how could you benefit from your website traffic statistics? Is it worthy to check out?

  Your website traffic report may just look like your ordinary reportage of your usual organic targeted traffic, but to be frank, there are more to it than numbers and graphs and statistics. You can consider them as your school record, or your status report. These things are very important to each and every one since it focuses more on the improvements of one’s abilities. And with your traffic statistics, you can monitor what really is going to your website, and how you could handle if problems occur. Simply put it, web traffic statistics are your gauges to your most dreamed success.

What are website traffic statistics?

Website traffic statistics are your records and collection of data about your traffic. These traffic reports are then used by your marketing specialists to understand what certain key aspects your website is lacking or is overpowering. These kind of data can also be used in emphasizing your website’s strength point. With this report, you are not ensuring your website’s integrity and ingenuity, but you are also ensuring its stability and its capacity to handle traffic for a long run.

Website traffic statistics can come from your analytics such as Google Adwords, Alexa Rankings and the like that frequently records even your search engine traffic. These can also be heat maps such as Crazy Egg and MouseFlow. All in all, website traffic statistics are what website owners should always take note.

How can it affect my website?

Your traffic statistics can affect you in many ways, both positively and negatively. Whenever you see your statistics in a very low manner, that could mean that your website is suffering from something. It may be because of your ads that aren’t reliable as it used to be. It may  be because of your SEO rankings. It may also be about your website itself. It can also lead your website into different possibilities when you see positive results on your traffic analytics. It may be from your improving SEO ranking, or it is from the promos that you are implementing. As long as you know your ads and campaigns, plus you have a better understanding about your traffic, you could easily understand it.

Now, the thing about this measurement is that it gives you average website traffic statistics. With these, you don’t need to assume or even guess your analytics. And since it is on an average platform, you’ll get  more accurate results despite having sudden spikes and sudden crashes of web traffic.

So are their other more applications of my traffic analysis?

Your website traffic analytics aren’t just data for your website. As we said, this is your website’s reflection. The better your analytics, the better your chances of acquiring traffic for your website. And the more you understand your traffic analytics, the greater chances of attracting more traffic.

Now that you have a deeper understanding about your website traffic statistics, you could check your website traffic right now and look for clues on what parts of your website should you focus more on. With the right mix and match of strategy and traffic analysis, your website could go to extreme levels.