Website’s Traffic Consumption

September 30, 2014

Website's Traffic Consumption

We would sometimes ask ourselves; “how much traffic does a website get?”, whenever we look at our traffic analytics.

We could positively say that traffic plays a vital role in running an online business. We also learned numerous times that traffic reflects the effectiveness of your website. Low traffic means very poor website. Low traffic also means very bad campaign.

But in reality, we want to know how much traffic does a website should get in order to maintain its life? How can we tell whether the traffic that you are getting right now is enough for you to keep your business from running? It is very hard to benchmark something that has no limitations, right?

To answer that question, we need to consider 3 aspects of traffic in order its worth on your website.

  • Location – The location of the traffic (it may be on geographics or in digital location, such as search engines, direct links, etc) contributes to the effect of your traffic. Little do users know that their role as visitors vary from what location they come from.
  • Intention – Are they here to roam around or are they here to purchase? Are they for one-time research or will they keep on coming back? The influence of the visitors’ agenda is very vital to the traffic you are getting. You may buy traffic, but will they be staying to fulfill their role on your website?
  • Interaction – You can’t consider traffic to be effective if it has minimal interaction with your website. Traffic should be “alive but not static”.

We can now say that these 3 aspects of traffic can lead to one thing, EFFECTIVENESS.

In order to measure your website’s traffic to be sufficient enough for a website, you need to consider the effectiveness of your traffic. If you are thinking that the same visitors on different websites would have the same effectiveness on those websites, think again.

For example, a visitor from Brazil entered 2 different sites. One site offers football apparel while the other site offers baseball apparel. Considering the culture of the Brazilian people, his stay at the football apparel site would be more significant than his stay at the baseball apparel site since Brazilians are more into football than in baseball. Now imagine this, would 50 Brazilians visiting the baseball apparel site outmatch 50 Brazilians visiting the football apparel site? What website gets the most traffic?

We could now arrive at the conclusion that the numbers are not that 100% significant in getting enough traffic to your website. What you really need is quality traffic that could suffice the need of your website.

Once you confirmed that your website traffic is effective and its worth really affects your website, and then you could only answer “how much traffic does a website get?”