Web Traffic Sources

July 14, 2014

Click, open, scroll, drag, click, close, open….

We are very familiar with this kind of routine, open a link, scroll a little bit if you think there will be more interesting content on the lower part of the website, drag the scroll bar downwards, click if you see something and close it if it bores you, and then open another website. These are the things that visitors from web traffic sources do on a daily basis.

As visitors from different sources of traffic in the web, you find something that we want on the internet. We click on the links, open pop-ups, scroll down pages, drag items from folder to folder, and etc. We may be the same in terms of traffic but we differ on where we came from.

Web Traffic Sources

Traffic sources for websites can come from organic and search engine sources (from those websites like Google), paid sources (such as traffic providers or even pay-per-click), direct traffic sources (from those direct typing of keywords, or even referral traffic sources (those links that we clicked from social media accounts and other forms of websites). These different kinds of sources offer different kinds of traffic depending on the website they are providing.

Here are some of the top traffic sources that you could choose from.

• Search engine traffic sources – These traffic is basically your traffic from search engine results. The users are the ones who will type their wished keywords (for example, if you want catfish then you better type CATFISH) and Google will give results and suggestions that are related to that keyword (or keywords if its long-tail Keywordings)

• Paid traffic – You guys heard of pay-per-click, pay-per-view, pop-ups, banners, advertisements, pay-per-traffic sources and the like? If you have, then you aren’t new to paid traffic sources. These sources of traffic are paid so that visitors will be directed to your website.

• Organic traffic – Feeling new and fresh? Organic traffic is what you need! Also a part of search engine traffic, organic traffic comes from organic results. These organic results are the suggested and recommended sites by search engine. However, the main difference is that this type of traffic is free.

• Direct traffic sources – When your website becomes so popular that they are visited directly through URL inputs, you get direct traffic. This is where users will just type your domain name directly without any help from search engines.

• Referral traffic sources – when we talk about these kind of web traffic sources, referral traffic comes from backlinks. Usually, backlinks are posted by websites (for example, a swimming-club website) to related websites (for example, swimming-apparel website could be related to a swimming-club site) and Social media site like Facebook, Twitter, etc. in order to gain additional traffic.

In order to achieve the full use of your traffic, you must know its nature, specifically its sources. Be knowledgeable with these traffic sources and you’ll have an edge in handling online marketing.