Types of Website Traffic

June 11, 2014


Types of website traffic

There are different types of web traffic. And any of these traffic types can make or break your Online Marketing Campaign so it is good to know the right type of Traffic and how can it help you in your campaign.


Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine Traffic is by far the best traffic because it is organic. It is usually generated from articles you have submitted and organically crawled by the search engines. This traffic usually provides a targeted visitors because they come to your site to look for some information.

How to generate Search Engine Traffic?
For your site to be able to rank and be searchable on Search Engines, you should always create and publish new interesting and relevant content. Gone were the days of keyword stuffing where you need to put a lot of keywords on each article for your site to rank higher. Because of the changes in Search Engine’s Algorithm, keyword stuffing might not work and may imply some penalties on your site if found you are submitting contents which are not relevant. You should submit and update all your web contents regularly with interesting and relevant topics so that search engines may find it good.


Referral Traffic

Another type of traffic is the referral traffic. This type of website traffic are usually visitors who reached your site by clicking on a link from another site. It can be from a blog, a forum or another website which served as a referrer to your site.

How to get Referral Traffic?
Since it is a result coming from a blog, forum or any website, you should increase your activity on those sites. Increase forum posts and comments, increase activity on Social Media sites, blog comments, etc. Be of help to other webmasters. You can give them some online help or advice and in return, they might mention you on some of their blog or forums posts, which could give you a good referral link especially if the site or blog has a big fan base.


Direct Traffic
This traffic is generated when someone directly types your site’s address on the address bar, hit enter and goes to your site without passing through any channel like the search engine and or other websites or blogs. Direct traffic is usually a result of well promoted website online or offline. When someone remembers your name, it means your site already sticked on their mind and they want to know more about you. That’s a good indication that your site is doing well in promotion.

How to get Direct Traffic?
A good mixture of Online and Offline promotion can give your site a good Direct Traffic. You can create stickers, keychains, etc with your site printed on it. Give it as a souvenir on some of your events and surely, it will create an impact later on.


Paid Traffic

One of  the best and fastest types of website traffic is the paid traffic.  Targeted traffic, PPC, Social Media packages, PPV, media buy, etc. are all examples of Paid traffic. This traffic as it suggests is a paid form of promotion. Most of paid traffic platform gives the targeted visitors in a short period of time. Unlike other traffic types which will take you couple of months to generate more visitors, this traffic will have you traffic spike up in just 24-48hrs after you made your order.

How to get Paid Traffic?
It is very simple to have Paid Traffic. The only requirement is for you to have a decent amount of Marketing budget and you’ll get what you want in short period of time. Just be careful in choosing a supplier, because there are lots of Paid traffic providers which are scam.


Depending on the campaign that you are running, these web traffic types are valuable in setting up and facilitating your website traffic campaigns.