Top Search Engine Ranking thanks to Consistent Traffic

July 25, 2014

Have you ever wondered why your competitors get great rankings on search engines and why you still dwell at the bottom of the line?

This has been a dilemma for a lot of website owners. A lot of website owners still argue to does it really take for a website to conquer the top pages of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

• Contents – Do you have great contents on your website? Yes, I have. I even use keywording!

• Up to date – So you have your contents, but are you sure they are updated? Yes, As much as possible I post fresh contents daily.

• Meta Tags and Descriptions – Do you use proper tagging for your website? I even double check my Meta Tags, as always.

• Backlinks – Do you have a lot of backlinks? I do, as a matter of fact, I have lots of backlinks spread across the internet.

Then there could be only one thing that stops you from reaching the top page. And that thing is one of the most essential parts of any website. TRAFFIC.

Get consistent monthly traffic now!

Sometimes, the difference between your website and your competitors’ website is that they get consistent amounts of traffic while you only get a drizzle.

How does consistent traffic affect my rankings?

One important factor that Google spiders consider is the traffic of a certain website. More traffic means more people are going into your website!

We could compare your website into a sushi bar. As a stranger in the new place (search engine crawlers on the internet), you want to know what restaurant (website) is the best. Suddenly, you saw one certain sushi bar (a popular website) which has a lot of customers (traffic) inside. You will probably think that that sushi bar is the best restaurant in town because that sushi bar has a lot of customers.

That is how crawlers react to traffic, once they found out that a website receives many visitors, then they would consider that website as “reputable and trustworthy”.

Now imagine if a website has consistent monthly visitors. This would make a better impression to crawlers that the website has the consistency of being a great provider of information for the users.

Consistent Traffic Triggers Better Ranking
In conclusion, continuous supply of traffic to a certain website will contribute to the improvement of its search engine ranking.

This explains why the majority of popular brands and websites continue to rise up on their website rankings. Because they are already well recognized by the public (making them regularly visited by users), they have a better probability of keeping their spot on the top of the Search Engine Results Page rank (SERP)s. This is proven by SearchEngineWatch with their article implying that the rank 1 from the 10 websites on a certain search engine page has the greatest click-through-rate. And when we say CTR, that means it’s traffic.

Getting consistent traffic on your website is very much important to your business. Always keep in mind that traffic plays an important part of the world of marketing. Get your monthly dose of consistent website traffic and keep your website rocking!