The Immense effect of having a Consistent Monthly Traffic: A case study on Planet Divinity (a Clickbank product)

August 6, 2014

Traffic, this is just one of the things that you can’t really control at first in online marketing. It really bugs us whenever we face our analytics and see how your website poorly maintains viewers from the swarms of people surfing the web every day. Every day, you wonder how other website could keep so many people in visiting their website, but when you compare your website to their website, you can’t even distinguish where you did fail. You’ll be scratching your head, most probably hitting it with something hard just to come up with a bright idea to sustain traffic to your site.

With 7 years of internet existence, Planet Divinity started up with very complicated baby steps. We managed to get through hard times, but with what we are earning together with the expenditures of maintaining our website and providing unquestionable services to our customers, it is a no-go. We almost tried everything. We tried using pop-ups and banner ads. We applied SEO to our website. We tried white hat tricks on our website, but still we can’t maintain enough traffic to our website. We spent portions of earnings on these things, but it turned out to be useless.

As a website specialist, I thought I could figure out how to keep users and viewers on my site. I tried technics and tricks so that they wouldn’t go away. And guess what I got? Too much bounce rates; Very low direct and referral traffic and even unbelievable low Search Engine rank. I thought I was going to lose it, but then I decided to buy website visitors.

So I read about certain blogs that suggest website owners like me to buy traffic. They said that by maintaining traffic on your website (in our case, through traffic purchasing) could give a very significant change on our website. At first I was hesitant to try it out. We thought that we would only again wasting money on a strategy which will end up with nothing. But then we said, “This is the last strand, let’s give it a shot!”

Initial Stats Case Study Planet Divinity

Initial Traffic Stats before having consistent traffic

Yes, that is our analytics at first. It is quite embarrassing, to be honest. We have very poor direct and referral traffic. Our visitors only consist of almost 700 users per month. Our bounce rate was even more ridiculous, garnering over 89% per month! We have ups and downs with our traffic, but it always leads to a very low average level. Despite having banners and pop-ups on our side, we still lack traffic. We guessed that most of our traffic consists only of recurring customers (that proves our services aren’t really that bad), my own staff of website team and others. The ironic part is that I offer a one-stop-shop for internet marketers and yet I can sustain stocks of traffic myself. That is why we came up with the idea to buy traffic from our trusted supplier.

3rd Month Stats Case Study Plane Divinity

 After 3 months of purchasing traffic, here are the results.

Three months after our first traffic purchase, a sudden burst of traffic from referrals has been recorded. These viewers were definitely come from our traffic supplier. From almost just 700 visitors per month, we are now up on 2800/month. Though, this is only the result of the traffic campaign. Direct traffic didn’t actually change greatly. There had been an increase in the number of sign-ups on our website compared to our recent months but still not that significant. Bounce rate decreased a little bit with 6% from 89% down to 83%. Sales didn’t actually change a bit, but it didn’t stop us from exerting effort in maintaining our website.

We expect that if this improvement of analytics will continue, this will cause a great significant boost to our traffic as well as on sales. With continuous work with SEO and site maintenance, we still continued buying traffic.

6th Month Stats Case Study Planet Divinity

6 months of continuous traffic campaign, gives us these great results!

After 6 months, our traffic gained a noticeable improvement. One of the most noticeable changes was in Direct traffic. Direct Traffic increased in 115% versus the last three months! That was the best ever direct traffic we had so far for seven years!

Our bounce rate decreased, garnering from our 3rd month percentage of 83% to this month’s 65% We determined that referral traffic was causing all of these improvements (basing on the stats that we have seen on our analytics). Because of the referral traffic, more and more viewers, contented with our website, decided to share it with their other friends. This event made our website more popular, causing more direct traffic. This could explain the (number) current monthly visitors of our site. Sign-ups were surprisingly doubled by this month while sales began to rise little by little. For the 6th month, we were amazed that we experience almost 38% increase in revenue. It gave our website hope. Now, more and more people are aware with website buying and they are discovering the advantages of trusting our services.

By this time, our website selling business was slowly growing. This boosted our spirits, and we exerted more on providing better and wider services plus better SEO. We didn’t stop buying traffic from trusted supplier (which actually proves their service). With that, we expect even greater improvements with the combine powers of our effort and the magic of traffic consistency.

8th Month Stats Case Study Planet Divinity

Our Visitors grew especially our Direct traffic from 341 to 1, 913 visits!

We couldn’t believe it! The analytics couldn’t lie! We are now having our best analytics ever since we started in this field. Now, our referral traffic has gone by with further 102% compared to the last 6 months of campaign. Coming not only from the traffic provider but also from other sites mentioning our brand! Our direct traffic came from last 6 month’s 1,034 to the biggest 1,923 we have ever received. Our bounce rate was now our lowest ever, with only 55% Our monthly visitor ballooned to more than 11,000! That’s insane! Also the biggest number in our history. We assumed that people are now fully aware of our website’s existence as well as our services. SEO is still active on our website and regular maintenance is still running on our system. More and more people are pleased with our services so we decided to widen our reach as well as our service.

                      Initial Stats                              8th month stats     



Side by Side comparison of our initial stats versus our 8th month stats

 Just by looking at the statistics, you can see how much improvement we got from the start up to our 8th month of experimentation. From a mere 700 of monthly traffic, it increased in 11,000 garnering almost 1600% increase number of monthly visitors!

The referral traffic grew from 131 to 7126 Direct traffic popped out from 481 to 1,913. Bounce rate literally “bounced out” from a big 89% to 55%.

The number of sign-ups that we initially have not only doubled, but also tripled in only 8 months! And believe it or not, our profit grew by almost 400%!!

We proved that our website was considered as one of the most popular one stop shop for internet marketing needs. From a very limited website, we grew covering almost every website need for online marketers.

All of these breakthroughs can’t become a reality without having consistent traffic on your website. No hacks, no tricks, no spin-offs. Just get consistent traffic on your website and you could also get great analytics for your website. And that is what we are still doing right now!