The ABC of Organic Targeted Traffic

April 16, 2015


A, B, C, D, E, F, G! Organic targeted traffic is needed by you and me.

H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P! Some may approve this article, some may not agree

Q, R, S, T, U, V! Everybody doesn’t really know what organic traffic, really!

W, X, Y, Z! But we decided to make an ABC about organic traffic, so stay with me!

So website owners and website masters, here are 26 things that you need to know about organic site traffic!

      1. Amazingly Awesome! – Organic targeted site traffic is awesome due to its targeted feature. This means that it can surely get anyone who is interested on your niche.
      2. Bounce rate lessen – Bounce rates happen when a certain user visited your website and suddenly leaves without doing anything. Since this kind of traffic is targeted from your search engine traffic, you can expect lesser bounce rates.
      3. Call to actions are more effective on them – Since they are already interested on your niche, it will be easier to engage them with your CTAs.
      4. Deals will be easier – Transactions will be easier since they are already into your niche. Just make sure you give the best of your products and services to keep them on your loyalty grasp.
      5. Engage one step closer – Engagements will be one step ahead because it’s already engaged with your niche.
      6. Faster travel to top rank SERP – Since one of your web traffic sources will be coming from the search engine itself, it will improve your ranking. How can that be possible? This is because crawlers prioritize sites that earn more of this kind of traffic.
      7. Great traffic analytics – When you have this kind of traffic, your traffic analytics will show a good track of traffic records.
      8. Homepage should be maximized – If you really want to get more of this kind of traffic, one of the few pages that you need to work on is your homepage.
      9. Ideas should be welcomed – Their feedbacks should be considered since they are the possible buyers of your brand.
      10. Just SEO it – SEO is the key in getting this traffic.
      11. Keep it coming – Do not stop, keep getting organic targeted traffic on your site.
      12. Love them – Love your traffic like you love your customers. These are all possible customers that we are talking about!
      13. Make it simple – Another thing that could attract this kind of traffic is to make things simple. Simplicity is beauty. This kind of traffic doesn’t what uber complicated web designs and stuff.
      14. Never BLACK HAT – Simply put it, don’t do Black Hat SEO just to get this kind of traffic
      15. Only do WHITE HAT – Of course, do only White Hat SEO for this.
      16. Purchase traffic – You could also buy traffic to increase your overall traffic. This will be then be recognized by crawlers.
      17. Quality over Quantity backlinks – If you want to reach the top on organic results, make sure that you have quality backlinks instead of a lot of rubbish backlinks.
      18. Research, research, research – Know the latest trends in gathering traffic. Use them as soon as possible.
      19. SEO – Admit it, SEO is worth mentioning twice.
      20. Targeted traffic is just simply great – Conversion rate, additional traffic? What’s more to ask?
      21. Utilize your tools – Make use of your SEO tools to ensure you’ll get more organic traffic
      22. Victory will be yours soon if you get this traffic – Yes, success will come into you easily when you get this traffic.
      23. Websites should be updated always – Always have something new so that more organic traffic will go to your site.
      24. Xtreme cases should be resolved ASAP – There will be times that you need to deal with customers or trolls or even negative reviews about your website. Deal with them ASAP.
      25. You shouldn’t be about YOU – Your website shouldn’t be about you, or about earning money. It should be about them, your customers!
      26. Well, Z doesn’t really suit well with organic traffic. So, uhm ZUIT yourself – Just remember, organic traffic should be treated special.


So there you have it folks! These are your ABCs of Organic targeted traffic!