Target your Traffic 101

May 5, 2015


If one marketer sees that having the perfect traffic in his or her website as a goal, then he or she might be thinking about targeted traffic. We all know too well that our website traffic is as dynamic as the molecules and atoms in matters. They are unpredictable. They are uncontrollable and most probably are irreplaceable in such a way that you can’t find any other good option rather than having traffic in your website. And when you target your traffic to your website, which would be another different discussion.

Targeting traffic to website is considered as a common practice to many website marketers. Although some of them still use conventional ways of advertising (such as using large banners that makes up most page spaces, pop-ups and pop-unders that annoys most annoying users, and other shenanigans that angers your viewers), they still make it to the point to target traffic to website. This is mainly because targeted traffic has its own advantages that are too good to ignore. And with that, every marketer in the online industry must be able to at least try to target their traffic.


How to target traffic to your website?

The targeting process of traffic can be described as a systematic categorization of your website viewers.

One is that ff you’re the one who will target your traffic, you could probably focus on websites or specific pages which are related to your main business niche. With this, you will be able to gather specific viewers.


Since these viewers are visiting these websites that are related to your website, they can automatically be considered as viewers under your niche. This makes them “targeted” to your website niche.

Second is that if you decide to buy targeted traffic, it would be much simpler. Some website traffic suppliers can give you options and categories where you can properly choose and set your traffic. This targeting process can give your more accurate traffic since you are the one who will set the specific demographics.


Are there guarantee to this kind of traffic?


Your targeted traffic’s efficiency will solely rely on different aspects such as:


  • Timing – Great marketers know that timing is everything when it comes to your traffic. Proper time execution can change the way you market your brand.
  • Website – No matter how interested your website viewers are in your niche, they can still fail. This can happen in your website isn’t to engaging enough to grow website traffic. Remember, great line up of contents, products and services should exist to maximize your website’s efficiency.
  • Sources – The source of your traffic also matter when it comes to its efficiency. Different environment affects their nature, which then leaves us to the logic that their nature affects their conversion rate.


What happens if I put targeted traffic to my website?

You can expect a lot of positive effects in this kind of traffic. First of all, targeted traffic has one of the highest conversion rates on its class. This means that marketers who want to achieve sales must have targeted traffic to their website. Another noticeable effect of targeted traffic is that they are SEO friendly and could give you the chance of gaining better search engine results page ranking.


So fellow marketers! If you target you traffic now, you’ll experience a whole new level of improvement. You’ll be surprised that your bounce rates will lessen, your SEO boosted greatly, more engaged customers and a lot more! So don’t wait any longer, go for gold and witness what targeted traffic can do to your website.