Do I need to Target my Traffic?

January 30, 2015

Target my Traffic

When it comes to traffic, getting specific on what you want to target is very essential. You need to know who you want to buy products. Consider a website futile if the owner does not know who will benefit from their services. This can explain why targeted traffic needed websites are growing in numbers.

The universal truth about online marketing is that in order to produce sales, you need to specify who you want to buy your product. Remember that it’s more likely you’ll get sales from someone who really wants to buy your product compared to someone who doesn’t give a second thought on what you are offering.

Some website owners are still in doubt within the question; do I need to target my traffic? Usually, website owners have misconceptions about targeted traffic. They thought that it would cost too much, the outcomes can’t generate the money back. They thought that you can opt targeted traffic to greater amounts of untargeted traffic.

Let us break those myths and discover why websites needed targeted traffic.

  • Targeted traffic is the best website traffic – Compared to any other types of traffic, this kind of traffic is the most controlled. The best way to get sales is to get buyers, right? So instead of groping into uncertainty for buyers, why not set qualifications instead? Buy targeted traffic to your website. The important aspect of targeted traffic is that the visitors you are getting are eligible buyers of your services.
  • Targeted traffic definitely is worth it – This can be more expensive compared to other advertising strategy, but the results could be more than what you expect. For example, if you pay $100 to 15,000 targeted visitors and 1 visitor could generate $25 by sales. Imagine if all 15,000 made transaction to your website. It will be 15,000 x $25 = $375,000! You just earned $300,000 when you buy targeted traffic!
  • More untargeted visitors couldn’t outmatch a few targeted visitor – Neophytes of online marketing usually commit this misconception. With regard to the comparison of targeted and untargeted traffic, “the more the merrier” isn’t always true. As we know, untargeted visitors can or cannot possibly be buyers. They would visit your website, alright, but that will stay as that. Untargeted visitors can lead to “0 interaction”, resulting “bouncing” effect to your website which causes degrading of SERP rank. Targeted traffic needed websites should take note of that.
  • I couldn’t save money with untargeted traffic – In relation to the past myth; untargeted traffic offers no certainty in conversion. Remember that traffic suppliers would only offer guaranteed visitors, not buyers. How could you generate buyers from visitors who aren’t really interested on your website in the first place? With untargeted traffic, you could be spending money without even generating something from it.

The question on why to target my traffic should be resolved as soon as possible. Take note of our tips and never ever be fooled again with the myths that we gave to you. Once you understand the true meaning of targeted traffic, use it as an advantage and let your services exist in the world of the web today!