Should You Only Depend on SEO in Gathering Traffic?

December 22, 2015

SEO Targeted traffic

SEO = Traffic

Yes, it’s something that every website owner knows when facing SEO. As a matter of fact, everyone does SEO because everyone knows it can bring traffic to your site. A little bit of keywords here, proper links there, improving images here, and voila! You’ll eventually get your own taste of traffic! This is what most of us believe when we apply SEO on our site. And as the algorithm evolves, we think that SEO is the main key in attracting traffic. But in reality, should we really have a SEO dependent traffic? Should we really depend on search engine optimization when attracting website traffic?

Traffic gurus and other SEO specialists know that traffic is not only dependent on SEO. There are tons of traffic sources out there that could be maximized by any website owner for traffic. Although SEO is one of the surest ways of getting traffic, other traffic sources are able to provide “better” results.

To understand this better, let us dissect the pros and cons of SEO.


  1. SEO is a sure-fire way to attract traffic – It provides real results once search engines indexed your site.
  2. Applying SEO improves traffic and site quality – Acquiring search engine traffic while developing your site’s quality by providing good links and great contents? That’s 2 birds in one stone!
  3. The most suggested strategy by most website owners – Everyone will surely suggest this for you!


  1. SEO takes time – Not everyone can immediately feel the results of your optimization. You can usually feel it a month after optimizing continuously.
  2. Anyone can optimize better than your site – There will be times when your site would stand on 2nd or 3rd ranks because your competitors have outranked you for their extensive optimization.
  3. SEO is “expensive” – Remember those “SEO doesn’t cost you money” tips? In reality, SEO will require you to spend some money for tools which you really need when optimizing a site.

SEO may be one of the best ways to increase website traffic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with these other strategies.

  1. Social media – Create groups and pages, then post posts related to your niche!
  2. Blogs – Be informative by providing tips and tricks and be sure that you attach links directing to your site.
  3. Traffic suppliers – You can also buy traffic from trusted traffic suppliers! Be sure to target then in order to acquire converting visitors!

Remember, don’t just settle for SEO dependent traffic! Maximize your site by using other traffic sources! You won’t regret doing this after realizing their hidden potential for your site!