Should you Get Alexa Traffic?

April 21, 2015


Remember Adele’s Chasing Pavements? For those who are looking for Alexa, they would also ask themselves if they should give up or should they get Alexa traffic since Alexa isn’t really that popular anymore to some marketers. The confusion (from both the song and from the decision to buy traffic) has already left many marketers dumbfounded about Alexa Traffic. Some may not think that Alexa traffic isn’t really that great. Little do some of those marketers know that Alexa still has her own sizzle, especially when we talk about SEO and exposure. You just have to know how you could maximize your Alexa visitors.

According to some Alexa Web Traffic Analysis made by other sites, Alexa gives websites an upper edge in terms of exposure. A well-ranking website on Alexa also dominates Google since both consider traffic as part of the indexing process.

Alexa requires websites hefty and steady amounts of traffic for them to be rewarded with high ranking. The ranking of websites are made through a process that only Alexa uses.

  1. To gain momentum for ranking, visitors of a website should have an Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers. This will serve as Alexa’s mark that will be used to count and monitor visitors.
  2. Alexa will then count the number of visitors by tracking the marks on the visitors. They will thoroughly and carefully monitor this until a final count has been made.
  3. These stats will now be compiled on Alexa’s network for comparison. This is the time when websites are arranged according to the number of visits that have been recorded by Alexa.
  4. After the arrangements have been made, Alexa will now display its data on its website where visitors could check it out by providing the URL of a website.

It’s very important to note that SEO almost work the same with Alexa. However, traffic is just a fracture of its indexing factor; but still, it’s another aspect worth remembering. Here are the steps on how

  1. Crawlers from various search engines will visit a website for indexing.
  2. They’ll evaluate the website using various aspects such as keywords, content lengths, bounce rates (when a viewer from your website traffic exits a website immediately), conversions, click rates and even traffic.
  3. All gathered data will be evaluated on the search engine’s network. These factors will then be weighed accordingly.
  4. Once the evaluation is finished, search engines will now arrange the websites according to their results.

In general, we could come up with the idea that SEO and Alexa shares the same thought with traffic. May it be direct traffic, referral traffic, targeted websute traffic or Alexa Traffic, both sides of the party thinks that they are as important as gems on a treasure.

Alexa traffic is important because it doesn’t only improve your Alexa rank, but it also improves your SEO. And if you’re the kind of website owner that mind SEO and exposure, you might consider the idea of purchasing traffic. You may buy traffic in the future (especially Alexa traffic) to see for yourself on how it can affect your influence in both Alexa and SEO.

So in the end, should get Alexa Traffic? The benefits are already presented! Would you rather stay there and ignore the fact that it can help you boost influence on both Alexa and search engines? Then the choice is yours!