SEO Traffic Tools

January 13, 2015

SEO Traffic Tools

Getting into the top ranks of Search Engine Results Page (or SERP) is not an easy job. Using SEO traffic tools can help you get into the ranks without spending too much.

Some website owners spend on every expensive advertising strategy that is available on the market, may be it advertisement banners, pop-ups, pop-downs, hover ads, pay-per-clicks and many other campaigns that you could ever think of. The only problem with these solutions is that they don’t deliver 100% positive results. By the end of the day, your search engine traffic is still the one who will decide whether you make it on the top. And you could be on the top by using SEO traffic tools.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is different from your traditional campaign. Unlike those stated above, SEO requires “human” efforts in order to “optimize” your efficiency on search engines.

Breaking down into context, SEO is the process of affecting the “popularity” (visibility) of your website or a web page in SERPs. How? By simply considering how search engines like Google work and how people search for items (usually by keywords and search terms) work together. That may sound very confusing but we will explain in further.

Imagine that your website offers common item called “ITEM A”. When a person types in “ITEM A” on a search engine and presses enter, a list of websites that is related to the term “ITEM A” will appear. You, as a website owner who has “ITEM A”, would want to be at the top of the result page for better chances of selling “ITEM A”. This is simply because buyers usually purchase items and services that are from pages that pops-up first on SERPs. When you got higher rankings on SERP, you got better chances of selling your products, which is “ITEM A”.

To understand SEO tools for traffic, you must know how SEO works.

SEO is usually done by creating contents that have appropriate Meta tags (these includes, title, keywords and description) and keywordings (the terms that are usually typed on search engines). Another SEO procedure is by making your website “user-friendly” (this means your website traffic would stay longer on your website). The results of these tests are then evaluated by “crawlers”, these crawlers comes from different search engines like Google. Once they analyzed your website and considered it to be a good website, then your SERP rankings will upgrade.

In obtaining full SEO, website owners usually use different tools. Different websites such as Google Adwords, ubersuggest, SEMrush, SearchMetrics, Infocc and other sites can be visited as tools for SEO traffic for a more “optimizing” result.

Compared to other campaign, SEO traffic tools can be considered as the cheapest (if not free) advertisement you could ever have. Instead of using money as your weapon, the power of the mind and your creative juices are the only things that you need to have to find the right traffic for you.