SEO Traffic Generator

January 23, 2015



SEO Traffic Generator


You clearly want website traffic, right? You’ll do anything, just to have visitors swarming your website and provide hits that can improve your SERP ranking. You have tried everything on the market that “provides traffic” and yet you come to your traffic analytics only to find out that you are not getting enough traffic for you to get conversion. This will be the perfect time to be introduced to SEO traffic generator.

Let us first quote again the definition of SEO.

“SEO is the process of affecting the ‘popularity’ (visibility) of your website or a web page in SERPs”

By looking at that statement, we could say that the more popular (visible) your website is, the greater chances of your website to acquire traffic. But how can SEO generate traffic?

For instance, you have an online chocolate business. By using SEO on your website, you are mostly likely to have:

  • Daily updates in contents/news about your website – it could be the latest chocolate trend such as new flavor twists, or even innovations such as growing your own cacao plant indoors. This will make visitors come back for more updates.
  • Improved Meta tags and Keywordings – your article now have proper Keywordings and tags for easier search visibility (examples: CHEAP CHOCOLATE FONDUE, CHOCOLATE FOR SALE, etc). The better the keywords, the easier it is to get more search engine traffic.
  • Improved website design – no more exaggerated chocolate syrup design for those hard to see brown front. Now you have settled on a simpler light brown background and white text. Most probably, visitors would be happier with the new setting.

Once search engine crawlers discovered these kinds of efforts that you made. They will index your website to proper search terms (the ones that you used for Keywordings) and voila! Your website can be seen from 10th position to 2nd place on SERP. Now, users are more likely to visit your website because you are already visible in the early pages of search engines (and normally visitors would settle on 1st up to 10th recommended websites for certain search terms). This will help you get instant website traffic!

You can really consider SEO as a traffic generator!

Certainly, by using SEO as a “game shifter” by improving your rankings and making your website more visible to searchers, you could generate more traffic. The changes in ranking will depend on the efficiency of your SEO. IF –

  • More efficient SEO = Higher ranking.. and
  • Higher ranking = more traffic.. and then
  • More efficient SEO = more traffic

That is why SEO traffic generator can be a reality! So start doing SEO now and you’ll get a chance to have as much traffic as you can get!