SEO Traffic Checker

November 28, 2014

SEO Traffic Checker

As we have mentioned in recent posts about traffic, analyzing it is very necessary. You need to understand the nature of your traffic in order to assess whether your website is a success or not. Analyzing your traffic will also tell you what adjustments and considerations are needed for you to get instant website traffic. We will be taking a step back and re-analyze your traffic, but now with SEO traffic checker. This process is what we could consider as “try and try until you succeed” process.

And today, we will discover how SEO can be maximized more. How? Let us retrace our step on the definition of SEO.

SEO is you’re the way you change the visibility of your website through search engines, specifically through organic searches. You can tell whether your SEO is effective or not by studying your rankings on SERP. The more effective your SEO is the greater improvement your rankings can get.

In line with rankings, there are different points to be considered in order for you to be on top of the SERP list, you need your contents to be updated with proper Meta tags and be keyword efficient (check for SEO) and you need to be “website traffic-friendly” (check again for SEO). Wait! If you have these kinds of qualifications, then most likely you’ll get a lot of traffic. So that means….


For instance, you have your tablecloth website with proper SEO maintenance. You have daily updates on the different materials used for tablecloth, maximized the use of Meta tags and Keywordings plus your fancy tablecloth theme website had been giving visitors that “warm and fuzzy” feeling. From rank 70, your rank changed to rank 4 on SERP. This could only mean:

  • Your contents’ keywords are related to your niche
  • Your contents’ improved meta tags helped your website to be searched easily
  • Daily updates kept visitors to keep coming back
  • The website’s appearance plus the overall content made visitors stay longer on your website.
  • The more chances of your website to be visible (especially when it comes in the first page of SERPs), more likely it will be attract more search engine traffic.

Of course, the results of SEO traffic checker will vary depending on different aspects such as your content, your niche (the more competition, the harder), your usual traffic, etc.

Use your traffic checker from SEO as your tool for analyzing your traffic now! It won’t be easy, but once you get the hang of it by continuous efforts (that’s why we call it Try and Try until you succeed) you’ll get your results.