Search Engine Traffic

July 11, 2014

Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. What is the similarity of the four? They are all search engine sites.

As of today, almost more than half of the traffic that websites acquire come from search engine traffic. This fraction of website traffic comes from the suggestions and recommendations made by search engines.

SE (Search Engine) traffic is the website traffic you acquire when visitors click on the search results leading to your website. This type of traffic is usually considered as one of the most important traffic because website owners usually get a big portion of their traffic from search engines. Another reason why SE traffic is given so much attention is because of its source.When a user wants to research about something, he/she commonly uses a search engine.

Search Engine Traffic

There are 2 parts of search engine results.

• Paid Results – Usually seen at the very top part of the SERP, these websites pay for Google for every click that they will receive. This type of campaign is also known as Pay-per-click.

• Organic Results – These are the suggested and recommended websites that are related to the keywords that the users had typed.

Having this kind of traffic is surely one of the biggest dreams of not just neophyte website markets, but also of those websites that still continue to exist on the market.

Here are is a list why this kind of traffic is a must:

1. Search engine visitors are targeted traffic – Since this kind of traffic provides the keywords that they are searching for, you are ensured that you are getting traffic that falls under your niche.

2. Search engine visitors are great sources of conversion – Conversion can be possible if the visitor is interested in what information he/she was getting from the website he/she is visiting. Since SE traffic can be considered as targeted traffic, there will be a great chance of conversion.

3. Search engine visitors are free – You don’t need to spend too much on getting traffic. All you need is SEO (search engine optimization), and you are ready to get that traffic that everyone dreams.

4. Search engine lasts longer – Advertisements last only for months. Paid traffic would only last until campaign is active. Search engine visibility is different. As long as you continue optimizing your website, you’ll stay on your page spot forever.

5. Search engine is stable – Are you afraid that your banners will be replaced before you even know it? Unlike advertisements and other forms of campaign, traffic from search engines doesn’t undergo drastic changes that could leave you plop on the ground (unless you intend to). Search engines update their algorithms for years to maintain the quality of search results. Just feed them good information and you are good to go.

Now you know why you should get traffic from search engine. You need SEO in order to achieve this kind of traffic. Here are the some useful SEO tips that you can apply to your website.

1. Content is King – Let your articles and information rule your website. As much as possible, make articles that have good keyword compositions. Don’t forget the Meta and heading tags. Use the value of your content as keys for crawlers to appreciate your website.

2. Make your website friendly user – Don’t intimidate visitors with exaggerated web designs. Let them navigate your website with ease by using appropriate navigational tools. Let your pages load faster so that users can enjoy their stay on your website. Remember, you want buyers in and not to scare them out.

3. Spread the links –Link your website to other related websites. Don’t be shy to link share with other related website. The more connected websites to your own website, the greater your credibility will be and the easier it is for users to find your website.

Search engine traffic is very essential to your website. Without it, you will lose almost half of your traffic, leaving a big loss on your website.