Referral Traffic

July 23, 2014

As we know it, the online community is built by linkages and connection from different kinds of websites. These linkages are put together to form into one big interconnections, which is now we call the World Wide Web. Putting up linkages is one good way to obtain web traffic. That is simply why this traffic is important for a website to bloom.

Referral traffic is the traffic that you get from links posted on other websites. In order for these links to be considered as referrals, the links should direct visitors from you.

This kind of traffic is usually formed by two websites who are (if not) closely related to each other’s topic, subject or niche. You can also call it as a complimentary traffic. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, can also be classified as one of the sources for referral traffic.

For example, you left a certain blog with a comment so useful to their article, they liked it. The next day, they wrote up an article about your niche and published it together with your domain name. Visitors of that certain blog will be able to visit your website because of that blog site’s referral.

Referral Traffic

Referring traffic is not as easy as it sounds. Although, once you have this kind of traffic, you might as well keep it, enjoy it, and most importantly maintain it. Some website owners will just enjoy the first wave of visitors from this kind of traffic, but they didn’t able to maximize it. The next thing they know is that they ruined the momentum that could have changed the amount of traffic that they can get.

Newbie or not, here are some things that you need to do in order to get that traffic referral for your site.

1. Maintain a good reputation – Before you could be recognized by websites under your niche, you should be able to maintain your reputation. No website owner wants a negative impact on his website. As much as possible, you want to attract visitor and not haters. Create a website that will be surely loved by visitors.

2. Stand out and be heard – You can’t obtain this kind of traffic just by having a good website. You need to make your moves and show what you got. Join discussions with topics related to your subject. Leave informative comments and suggestion in order to be recognized. As much as possible be polite and respectful to other members. Once you got their trust, share your domain and ask them for referrals. For sure, they will gladly help you obtain additional traffic.

3. Exchange links with each other – Just like what the Golden Rule suggests, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You need to return the favor. If ever your domain has been posted on another website, do the same and post their link on your website. This will not only help them get additional traffic and build good connections between the two of you, but it will also improve your website’s reputation.

4. Maintain good reputation (again) – Just like step one, you need to preserve your reputation. You won’t be able to get continuous referral traffic if you’re just a flash in the pan. Keep on posting good stuff on your website. Keep on leaving informative messages and last but not the least, keep on link sharing in order to attract more referrals, more links and more traffic.

Reputation is the key in getting referral traffic. As long as you are reputable and people trust you for your services, obtaining that traffic is as easy as pie.