Paid Targeted Traffic

July 9, 2014


“Price is what you pay, Value is what you get”. That quotation came from an industrialist named Warren Edward Buffett.

On the world of business, being cost-effective is very important. As much as possible, website owners want the best result in advertising without spending too much (or if possible without spending anything) on it. Some online marketers would venture on campaigns that are effective yet virtually zero expenditure. Others would say that those free campaigns are better than paid traffic. But the question will be: “is your campaign valuable?” That is when you need to get paid targeted traffic.

Paid Targeted Traffic

Getting this kind of traffic to your website may not be as “economical” compared to other free campaign strategies out there, but if we talk about the effectiveness and value you will be surprised.

As early as 1996, buying traffic was used in order to attract visitors to websites. Until now, paid targeted traffic still shows how useful it is for online marketers. With little investment, you’ll get much more from what you have paid.

• It’s FAST(ER) – Time is very essential especially when you are selling services online. Rather than wait for your advertisements to actually work and get traffic, paid traffic gives off faster results. With traffic brought from suppliers, you’ll get direct traffic to your website. No more clicking of annoying advertisements from other sites, no more side ads that make visitors stressed, just traffic straight to your website.

• It’s ECONOMICAL – Who says paid traffic isn’t economical? With this, you’ll get greater ROI. For example, you had paid $10 initially to your traffic provider to give you 1,000 visitors within a month. If your ROI is $5 per visitor, you could possibly get $4,990 ($5,000-$10)! Can your organic search give you $5k within a matter a month?

• It’s an effective MOMENTUM BUILDER – With good content and great service, your initial paid traffic could replicate! How? Imagine that a visitor was very impressed with your website and was contented with your services offered; most probably he will share your URL to his friends who he knew could also benefit from your website. What if that mindset was carried by 5,000 of your targeted traffic? Imagine the possibilities!

• It’s traffic UNDER YOUR CONTROL – With paid traffic, you’ll be getting visitors under your settings and specifications. Unlike other types of traffic, this type of traffic gives you traffic that you want. No more worrying about bounce rates and high exit rates because you can be sure that the traffic you are getting will be interested in your website.

And if you ever wonder where the sources of this paid traffic are, you could check your web browser for traffic suppliers and providers. These providers and suppliers can offer you different promos and packages depending on how you want your visitors. You could also inquire through emails and other forms of social networking sites that they are using.

Paid targeted traffic can be a game-changer to your website. Use this advantage against your competitors and be one step ahead of them in becoming the next big star in online marketing!