Organic Targeted Traffic

July 18, 2014

When it comes to food, organic sounds much better than your average meal. It’s fresh, nutritious and widely recognized by other consumers. This goes the same with organic searches. When you get to the top spot of the organic results of SERP, you’ll be classified as fresh, information-filled and widely recognized. This is where Organic targeted traffic will enter the scene.

Targeted organic traffic is the type of traffic that came from search engines and lead directly to your link through suggestions provided by the search engine.

Traffic that comes from organic searches is usually considered as targeted. Visitors from this kind of traffic usually type what kind of keyword they are looking for and therefore fall under your websites certain category.

In able to acquire organic traffic, your URL should be clicked by the searcher. Of course, the first few suggested websites on search engines are commonly visited first. The earlier your website appears on the recommendations means the greater the chances of your website to earn traffic.

Organic Targeted Traffic

For example, you have a website about raincoats and your domain is When someone wants to buy raincoats online, she will most probably type “raincoat” on the search bar located on her search engine. As a website owner who sells raincoats, you want your URL ( to be on the first place in the first page on the SERP. If ever they saw your URL at the top of the page, then they would probably click it first.

That’s the nature of searchers on the internet. They won’t spend time searching up to the 30th SERP just to get the information that they want.

Organic targeting traffic is one very essential traffic source. Achieving it is not easy, but once you go on top you’ll be able to get as much benefit as you can from that traffic.

Organic traffic is very essential because:

• It’s (somehow) Free – Spending too much money won’t make you stand out on SERPs. What you only need is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Instead of wasting money on so banners and advertisements, spend your resources on creating great articles with proper Keywordings and Meta tags.

• It serves as targeted traffic – If a person wants raincoats, most probably he/she will type RAINCOATS on her search bar. That person wouldn’t type RAINCOATS if he/she wants to know about peanut butter. Organic traffic are automatically treated as targeted traffic simply because that person automatically states his/her query and most probably be directed to that query.

• Offers less competition – 2 things how this advantage is possible. First, by typing the exact keyword that the visitor is looking for automatically filters everything that’s not related to that term out. That means you get less initial competition. Second, by typing long-tail keywords (for example, BUY ONE TAKE ONE RAINCOAT SALE) that fall under your website/category would also lead to lesser competition.

• It’s an all-day-all-night advertisement – Search engines like Google stand 24/7. Unlike paid advertisements that only last for months, organic results are permanent (unless google has updates like Panda or Penguin).

Organic targeted traffic reflects how your website runs in the world of the internet. Different factors affect your website rankings such as bounce rate, traffic rate, contents and the like. The greater your ranking means the better your website performs.

Next time, search for your niche and take a look at your SERP ranking. Use organic website traffic. Your next step will only depend whether you’re still “fresh” or not.