5 Myths When you Buy Site Traffic

February 17, 2015

myths when you buy site traffic

Do tooth-fairies leave dimes when you sleep with your tooth under your pillow? That’s a myth! Is Sandman responsible of your drowsy Sunday evenings? That’s a myth! There are a lot of myths that people are still aware of, and surprisingly, and are still believing. Although we have no basis whatsoever, we believe that what most people think is real is also real. That’s one reason why we can’t be successful. This also goes whenever you buy site traffic. There are still these floating myths that circulate from marketers to marketers, telling stuff about traffic buying which isn’t real.

Some people can’t buy traffic because they don’t believe on its effect on their website. Some may not even consider doing such thing because of the myths that they already heard from various sources. But like every myth, these are all hoaxes and unrealistic point-of-views. As a matter of fact, your business will benefit more when you purchase traffic. Then again, there will be these myths that will bug you out.

What are these myths? What are they saying when it comes to traffic buying? How can you debunk these myths and buy traffic instead?

1. Buying traffic is just a waste of money

Could you tell that to thousands of leading sites that still buy traffic to retain their spot on SERPs (or search engine results pages). It is not true that buying website traffic doesn’t do anything for your site. As a matter of fact, we all know that traffic bought from suppliers can give you faster conversion rate and the likes, compared to your traditional way of buying traffic.

2. It doesn’t really boost website traffic

A lot of people doesn’t trust store bought traffic because they think that it’s just traffic by the numbers. Little do these website owners know that when they get store-bough traffic, this initial traffic can bring more traffic to your website.

The common problem with these is that these myth-believing traffic buyers do not maximize their store bought traffic, leaving it as is.

3. It doesn’t affect your SEO (or search engine optimization)

Web traffic lovers, listen up! Raise your hand if you are truly aware that more traffic means better ranking! Yes, it is true! Search engine crawler’s rule is to find website’s that have good traffic flow. If they found out that your website receives good amounts of traffic, they will think that it is reliable. And when this happens, you website can easily rank on SERPs (or search engine results pages).

4. It’s bad for your SEO

The other side of this myth is that buying traffic is bad your optimization. It may be true if you buy website traffic from untrusted suppliers and service providers. This is why we always remind viewers to only purchase traffic from trusted and legitimate traffic service providers.

5. All store bough traffic are just bot traffic

Some traffic suppliers don’t provide bot traffic because they know how harmful it is to another website. Some website traffic service providers only provide real, premium traffic that converts well, produces real hits and clicks, and also generate real additional traffic. You just need to be meticulous about your traffic suppliers and partners to avoid bot traffic.

So what are you waiting for? Slash the hacks and ignore the myths! Leave these tooth-fairies to the kids as we break down these 5 myths when you buy site traffic.