Lucky 7 Ways to Increase Website Views

December 11, 2014

Ways to increase website views

We already know that your website views help your website to live longer in the industry of marketing. Increasing your website views by even a mere percent does not only require tremendous effort and money, it also requires a bit of luck to push through. That is right! In order to increase website views, you must have effort, money and luck!

Today, most website marketers invest huge amounts of money in order to achieve that gush of website views. But of course, you’d be wondering why they should care about views in the first place. This, fellow marketers, is simply because:

  1. Sales starts off with views
  2. Views contribute to good rankings when it comes to SEO
  3. Views decreases bounce rates
  4. More views means more contentment from users
  5. Sites will be useless without views.

These are just some points of discussion. But as of now, they are not the main focus our talk. This time, we will discover how you can boost website traffic with “luck” (but of course, it will still depend on how you execute it).

So fellow marketers and webmaster, are you ready to discover the Lucky 7 ways to generate more website views?

  1. Increase website views by social media sharing – First of all, maximize your available resources by using the obvious available resource in online marketing. Use your social media sites in sharing and updating your main site. Since social media sites are also dynamic and unpredictable just like your traffic, you can use your luck Just be sure that your contents are share-worthy or users will most likely ignore you.
  1. Increase web traffic views by visiting forums and threads – Forums and threads are great when it comes to views. Just build your own reputation, answer and contribute to threads with your knowledge in your niche. Do this every day with your luck and we ensure you that you’ll get more traffic views in no time.
  1. More views will come in your way with trending and talk-of-town contents – Do you really want to earn more views? If so, all you need to do is to create contents that are controversial, funny or shareable. Although it is not advisable to post direct links inside this contents (for it may sound too selling), it still pays to be known around. Popularity with means more potential viewers looking at your profile.
  1. If luck is eminent, why not create a contest? – When it comes to luck, you might want to try out contests. Contests increase traffic engagements. If your contest includes sharing, then you might garner additional website views!
  1. Traffic buying is also about luck – If you really know your website traffic, you also understand the importance of buying instant website traffic to your site. If you are lucky enough, you might even get more traffic from your initial store-bought traffic.
  1. Search Engine Optimization – Simply put it this way. Sure website traffic can be achieved if you use the best ad strategy in the online marketing industry. No more, no less!
  1. And lastly, you can increase website traffic by updating your website – Let us not forget that we should do something inside our site. Sometimes, it doesn’t work on the outside, but on the inside. You want more people to view your site? Then let them have something viewable. Add a little bit of luck and you’ll get something more than views!


So that’s about it fellow marketers! That’s our Lucky 7 ways to increase website traffic views! Do you think you have the lucks to dominate the industry? Try it now and see the difference!