Local SEO – Why Do It?

December 28, 2015

local seo

2015 is almost over and you still have not much traffic on your site? Already tried using tons of strategies and yet you are moving the entire planet just to earn traffic? Maybe you were not able to apply the right kind of SEO plan for your site! When this problem happens, you need to go further with your site. If you can’t really get the traffic that you need, then you have to try local SEO. That’s the only way you can get targeted website traffic immediately and effectively without going through a lot of competitors.

Local optimization is the kind of strategy that most small business owners and small time webmasters use in improving their site’s capability to appear more on SERPs. You can say that it’s very similar to your ordinary optimization, but it gives a more ‘accurate’ result by targeting a specific area. In other words, you’re not only targeting a specific niche, but also a specific location for traffic.

Yes, it does deliver good results since you’re focusing more on a specific location. However, it doesn’t really apply to all kinds of niche. This is why you really need to know your niche before you could try this strategy.


Now that we fully understand local SEO, we need to know if you (and your site) could use this on your advantage.

But do take note that not all niches can successfully apply local SEO since some niches would best fit when targeting global traffic. This means that some niches won’t get maximum results of they only increase website traffic locally.

So readers! Are you ready to learn the techniques for this kind of optimization process?


Here are some ways to apply it on your site!

  1. Attach specific areas on your keywords – You may add specific locations/areas on your keywords to “localize” it. For example, instead of using “BOOKS FOR SALE” as your main keyword, you can opt out for “BOOKS FOR SALE IN CHICAGO”.
  2. Register your site on Google Map – You may want to submit your site to Google to officially register your site on their map. In this way, more site viewers could see your brand whenever they’re looking for the same kind of products and services that are located nearby.
  3. Purchase targeted traffic from trusted suppliers – For easier targeted viewers, you could easily buy targeted traffic from sites like YourTrafficHits. Make sure that you purchase them from authorized dealers to ensure that you are getting real viewers from credible sources!

And that’s basically it! Get these strategies on the move and your actually optimizing your site locally!

Apply these strategies on your site and you’ll soon feel more sales and more accurate traffic existing on your site!