Know how to Check your Website’s Traffic

September 16, 2014

how to check website traffic

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The internet has provided us different solutions on how to check your website traffic. Though you might find it difficult at first, it’s you who will benefit when you do it regularly. But the question still remains, “how to check website traffic?”

As your traffic is coming regularly on your website, you should at least track it. Analyzing your own website is the very best thing that you can do. Of course, knowing more about your traffic can help you understand how to get more of it.

Getting the right information on your web traffic is very crucial since it’s your own web traffic and you want it to be maintained. So before you scratch your head and flinch in confusion. Here are some tips in checking website traffic.

  • Sources of traffic analytics – Before you start analyzing, you need to find the proper instruments to use. Several traffic analytics are spread all over the internet offering different features of traffic analysis. All you need to do is to know “what should you know” and where to get those answers. Here are some free analytic tools for you to use.
    • Alexa Ranking – Alexa is used by the majority of website owners in measuring traffic. Although this type of measuring tool isn’t 100% accurate, Alexa offers more than the usual information. Despite being free-to-use, Alexa gives off more information compared to premium tools. These information includes bounce rates, daily page view rates, audience demographics and even the keywords used to find the specific website.
    • 1Pagerank – Another free traffic tool to check your web traffic is the Complete with useful traffic information such as traffic predictions, backlink counts, Facebook status shares, likes and comments, meta title, description and keywords, page rankings and the IP server of the website you are looking for. Other great features of 1pagerank are its approximate net worth, its security features (is it safe to visit? Etc.), social buzz (Google +, Tweets, Pinterest, Linkedln shares, Delicious and StumbleUpon) and 1pagerank’s very own 1pagerank scoring system.
    • Piwik –This traffic analytic tool features standard statistic reports such as real time updates, operating systems used, browser marketshare, screen resolution, top campaigns, top entry/exit pages and other basic information about traffic.
    • Google Analytics – This is what I think is the most popular choice of web traffic analytic tool. Made by the biggest search engine company in the world, GoogleAnalytics offer variety of features for its members. These features include Advertising and campaign performance, analysis and testing, audience behavior, data collection and management, sales and conversions, and other information regarding the website you want to check.
    • Statcounter – When it comes to data completeness, Statcounter is one the best. Unlike other analytics tools, Statcounter uses raw figures in order to deliver stats to its users. Compared to interpreted stats, raw figures are more “unbiased”, giving you a clearer view of your website. It can also get stats from redirected traffic and other types of traffic that usual analytics cannot process. This is best used when you buy traffic as most of redirected traffic pass through this counter giving you close enough counting of the traffic you received. Though this may not post 100% of the visitors, this is better the other counter as they have certain limitations in tracking.
    • Your Website’s RAW SERVER LOGS – This may not be the best option in tracking your website’s traffic, but this is one of the most effective. Since it is on your own site, there are no third party applications on it. It may be time consuming and annoying (since it is raw, it is not presented well), but this is worth your time if you want to really analyze your site’s traffic.
  • How to use these tools? – Lucky for you these tools are free to use. Almost all of them run under the same procedure. You may either sign-up first and be members of these traffic tool sites (for Piwik and GoogleAnalytics) or just type in your target URL and let them do the work,

The competition of online marketing is very tough. You need to get all the information and use it as an advantage against other companies. If you know how to check website traffic, then you are one step ahead against your other contenders.