Is Offline Advertising Good for Attracting Traffic?

November 11, 2015


Aside from your typical online ads and banners, one of the best ways to gather traffic is to venture on another medium of advertising. This medium of advertising is not commonly practiced by some website owners because they think that it’s pretty complicated and time consuming. But in reality, it does more than what most web masters expect. And believe it or not, this kind of advertising can eventually give you more possible direct traffic in the long run (compared on various banners and pop-ups). This is what we call Offline Advertising.

For some, this kind of advertising is stressful because:

  • It does eat up a lot of resources – You have to invest time in planning your ads. You have to spend money in producing stickers, flyers, mugs, or any items that will advertise your site. You also have to provide the energy to actually give these “ads” to your target audience.
  • It’s more stressful than online ads – Since it does require tremendous planning, some site owners think that online ads are faster and better compared to offline advertising.
  • It doesn’t give enough traffic at all – Some site owners think that people would probably ignore your brand and just take advantage of the item that you’ve given to them.

But let’s take a step back. Is it really worth the try? Does Offline Advertising bring website traffic to your site?

To answer those things, you have to consider the following.

  • Items last longer than virtual ads – Banners will only last for months. Mugs and other items could last for a lifetime if handled carefully. So if we compare these two, we could say that “concrete” ads have longer lifespan compared to virtual ads.
  • They’re in fact cheaper than virtual ads – You need to pay for ads to last longer while flyers and other objects like pens, mugs and stickers would stick on your target audience for a very long time.
  • It reaches more audience – Items can be seen not only by those who you’ve given the item, but also by those people around the person who’s using your “ad”. This means that you can reach more people with a single “advertisement”.
  • People are more engaged with ads that they can interact – Interaction is better than exposure. People are more likely to visit a website and engage with your brands if they could actually “touch” your ads. This is definitely why some websites produce lanyard, mugs, or any official items from their brand.

But of course, you can also maximize the effect of these offline ads when your buying traffic from suppliers. This is to optimize your traffic outcome.

So what are you waiting for? Get your traffic game on with offline advertising!