Is Article Spinning Accepted in 2016

December 28, 2015

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One of our readers named Jamela Smith noticed that most websites are now using spinning programs in generating new articles. Although she knew that article spinning is bad in SEO, she’s wondering if Google or other search engine crawlers were aware of this.


Hi YourTrafficHits

I really wanted to ask this to you since most of my traffic partners were already practicing this black hat technique. I just saw one my business partners spinning his articles to generate another type of content. I asked him why is he doing it, and he answered this:

“This is the new trend if you want to increase targeted traffic this 2016”

To be honest, I was completely bothered by this.

I do not believe that article spinning is the right way to get traffic. But with all of these people using this strategy, I slowly believe that I’m missing something!

Help me, YourTrafficHits! I know that your site knows better than that!

Hi Jamela!

First of all, thank you for sending that wonderful question.

We do not support article spinning as we all know that it’s harmful for your site. And as a traffic supplier that advocates customer experience over everything, we do not tolerate sites that practice.

Based on our research, Google still (and forever won’t) support article spinning as it breaks one of Google’s rules in SEO (and eventually, could even scare your search engine traffic).

Jamela, it’s best if you avoid such kind of strategies and focus more on natural SEO like article building, link building, social media optimization and the likes.

You could also acquire more traffic by buying them from trusted traffic suppliers!

Remember, article spinning should be avoided like a plague. Practice white hat and you’ll see what it can do to your website!