How to Send Traffic to your Website

October 21, 2014

how to send traffic to your website

Just like how hard it is to find a needle within a haystack, pushing your target audience to look at your website is very hard. Since not all kinds of viewers have the same preference, it is very difficult to entice possible traffic to visit your website. A needle (that corresponds to your precious viewer) is well hidden among thousands of hay from the haystack (corresponds the almost infinite number of viewers in the internet) and it takes much time and effort to differentiate it among the others. That is simply the reason why online marketers ask themselves; how to send traffic to your website?

Some of you even tried extensive measures. Some of you even tried black hat SEO just to attract traffic to your website. All of these are experienced by many website owners, but it isn’t enough for you to boost website traffic. You need to get something else.

How to get traffic to your website? To refresh your memory, here are some of the most famous (and unfamous) ways to send traffic to your website.

  • Good Domain Name – Basic requirement of a good website is a great domain name. Make your domain name recognizable and easy to memorize. A short domain name helps users to easily memorize your URL. For instance, Yahoo, is a very short and simple domain name and yet it’s easy to memorize. You could also go for unique domain names that could rise up among the rest. Have you ever seen By combining two different and unrelated words (creepy and pasta), you can create a very catchy domain name. Just be sure to consider your target audiences before you decide what your domain name should be.
  • Social Media Connections – No-brainer tip that is usually repeated among blogs and articles. Use social media as your advantage. So how to increase website traffic? You can do this by getting traffic from its engaging source. People usually hang out on Facebook and Twitter, and that is why it’s better if you use these 2 sites as sources of your website traffic.
  • Infographics – This blooming platform definitely is a must for all website niches. Infographics are images usually built from statistics and figures of anything related to a certain niche. These are fun to look at and definitely viral. Infographics is intended to inform (and entertain if possible) viewers about a topic they want to view. These images are not focused into certain topics, making it as one of the most flexible ad in the internet. With a little creativity, you could make the best infographic that definitely sticks to your niche. Just don’t forget to put in your URL so that users could follow your website.
  • Freebies – FREE! That made your eye pop out! Free stuff is what every user wants on the internet. Since we like anything that is free of charge, freebies are a surefire way to send traffic to your website.
  • Blogging – Did you know that more and more online marketers see blogging as a “must have” for a successful business? Blogging is one of the easiest and the most effective way to generate traffic to your website. To blog, all you need to do is get a pretty nice topic for your content, write an article about it (complete with Meta tags and keywordings) and you will get viewers swarming your website, right away.

 You need to learn more if you still don’t know how to send traffic to your website. With the tips and guides given to you, expect your website to be filled with traffic. And as we know it, traffic produces sales, and with more traffic comes with more sales for your business!

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