How To Quickly Increase Alexa Ranking?

October 6, 2015

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As website owners, one of the most important aspects of traffic that you really want to work on is your Alexa ranking. No matter what others say, your Alexa ranking is still important. As a matter of fact, improving your Alexa ranking is pretty much beneficial for your site because of the following:

  1. Increased Alexa traffic means more traffic – We do know that Alexa rankings are based on the number of traffic that you are receiving. So if you really want to rank up high on Alexa, you must purchase quality traffic!
  2. More traffic means better ranking – We do also know that one of the most important points that crawlers consider when giving rankings is the amount of traffic that a website receives. If you increase your Alexa ranking, then that also means you increased your traffic.
  3. Google considers high Alexa ranking sites as potential ranking sites – Another thing that Alexa’s good for is to encourage Google in giving high-ranking sites opportunities to rank on organic searches. Since Google owns Alexa, the biggest search engine in the world considers top ranking Alexa sites to also rank on its own searches.

So now that you know the advantages of ranking Alexa, you must be able to figure out a way to rank up quickly.

Again, you must remember that Alexa is focused on traffic. This is why the majority if this strategies are aimed for traffic!

So how do you quickly increase Alexa ranking?

  1. Get targeted website traffic for you website – To further improve your chances of earning more traffic, you must get people who are interested on your niche. This is to encourage more referral traffic. Referral only happens when the initial traffic is pleased with your website.
  2. Purchase traffic from suppliers – Another way to improve Alexa ranking is to buy traffic from suppliers. Instead of waiting for your website to be optimized, you could just purchase real traffic. In this way, you’ll be able to improve your ranking easier and faster.
  3. Encourage link sharing – If you really want to increase your Alexa ranking, one of your best resorts will be link sharing. Post your links on various social media sites (and also ask your visitors to spread your links or maybe share it on social media sites.) In this way, you could easily get more traffic.

Remember, improving your Alexa ranking means improving your website traffic. Get the most out of your site by quickly increasing your traffic with these strategies!