How to Maximize Traffic Clicks

March 31, 2015


Why do you click? This is a simple question that everyone can’t answer easily.

Although we produce a lot of clicks whenever we use the internet, we do not actually know the exact reason why we click. Some website owners know that “clicks” aren’t just simply clicks. When their traffic clicks, a lot may happen to their website. A lot may happen to their viewers and a lot may happen when your website transits to another level. Should everyone really give clicks their attention? Should your click rate be as important as conversions and the likes? Maybe? Because clicks aren’t just simply clicks.

It is not unknown to some website owners that click traffic is produced whenever someone clicks. Clicks happen for a reason. These are mainly the reasons why your traffic clicks something on your website.

  1. They want to search for more information about a certain topic – There will be times when your viewers would search for more information about something in your website. Maybe, they want to know more about your services, and this is why they keep on clicking your links.
  2. They want to purchase something – Once you’ve already got your targeted website traffic’s trust and decision, they would purchase whatever you are offering to them.
  3. They are curious about your website’s features – Should they see more of your website and discover what other services you can offer to them, they would simply click on some links.

And all of these clicks can end up in one result. Sales. And as website owners, you want your web traffic to be converted to sales.

Of course, it’s not easy to control your click traffic. It may sound impossible to optimize those click traffic of yours, but it can be done with simple tricks.

  1. Make your links look better

    A simple call to action won’t improve your click rate. Gone are the days when you simply put “CLICK HERE” as your CTA. You must be more compelling if you really want to boost website traffic through clicks. Make those links stand out with proper colors and the like. You could also fix this by adding images to these links.

  2. Don’t just tell them to click

    Explain what kind of contents they would see once they click on a link. Add a simple description to make sure that your clicker would know what they would expect on the link. Doing this will encourage your traffic to produce more links since they are well aware of the pages that they would possibly visit with your given links.

  3. Collect similar links and gather them into one group

    Create a “link tree” which can give your clickers the option to view similar topics and related topics into one group. This will help them identify topics quickly and figure out which parts of your site should they visit.

  4. Make sure there are links to your “transaction page” that can be located in each and every page

    Your customer’s decision to purchase your products and services are unpredictable. Make every traffic (such as your referral and direct traffic) be ready with those purchases by providing links that direct them to the purchase page in each and every page that you have on your website.

  5. Use analytics to figure out which clickable areas are weak

    You can try out heat-maps that measure your clicker’s mouse movements. With this, you could simply improve these areas that lack click power and amplify those that attract more clicks.

When your traffic clicks, a lot may happen to your website. Maximize them as soon as you receive them, and make these clicks your biggest asset in your online business.