How to Increase Unique Visitors to Website in 3 Simple Ways

November 20, 2014

Increase Unique Visitors to Website in 3 Simple Ways

Unique visitors are just one of the measures of having a reputable website. This also measures your website’s popularity. Since website traffic from this kind of visitors comes directly from their browsers (which as no direct links to it), unique visitors are only obtained when one user is familiar with your website. More unique visitors mean broader popularity from your traffic group. That is how your unique visitors work.

A website must meet a lot of requirements before it can get unique visitors. In order for your website to attract more of this traffic, you must:

  1.  Have a Good Domain Name – A good domain name contributes to the chance of your site traffic to memorize your site name. Usually, a unique domain name is easier to memorize. Shorter domain names can easily attract more attention since it is also easier to memorize. Uniqueness and brevity of domain names will surely help any website attention.
  2.  Have fast loading speed – Some website marketers think that only Number 1 is the only way for your website to get guaranteed visitors directly from search bars, little do they know that they must also have the proper loading speed. Of course, your viewers don’t want to visit websites which do not load immediately. If your website doesn’t load quickly enough, they might simply quit visiting your website.
  3.  Keep Your Website from Crashing Down – A crashed website is not a good website to go. If your viewers discovers that your website isn’t up by the moment, they would simply avoid your website at all cost.

If you already met those 3 requirements, then increasing your unique visitors will not be that hard at all.

 With that in mind, let us give you this very simple steps in garnering more unique visitors for your site in a jiffy!

How to increase unique visitors to website in 3 Simple Ways?

  1.  Give a Good First Impression About your Website– First impressions last for a very long time when it comes to your website. A poor impression can lengthen your website’s waiting time in persuading your viewers to memorize your domain name. Websites with good impressions can not only get other people’s attention, increase conversion and returning traffic, but it can also help you gather more unique visitors.
  2. Maximize Shareability at All Possible Legitimate Cost – Take note that we included the word legitimate on this one, since spamming isn’t a good way to spread your website’s existence on mediums like social media sites. You could let your traffic share your own contents and increase exposure by giving them all means of shareability such as social bookmarks and the like. The more you share, the more you are exposed to other viewers. More exposure means can lead to permanent ideas, which also leads to unique visitors.
  3. Be Sure That Your Domain Name is Memorized Easily – As we have said earlier, your domain name should be easily memorized by your viewers. Don’t force your viewers to endure the pain of giving random jumbled letters and numbers as your domain name. Keep it short, sweet and simple, and we ensure you that you’ll have more unique visitors in no time!

So fellow marketers, search engine traffic is not the only one that can measure your brand’s popularity! Maximize your website and ignite your viewer’s intuition by getting more unique visitors for your site, today!

Follow this 3 Simple ways to increase unique visitors and be on top!