How to Increase Site Traffic with Emotions

December 12, 2014

Increase Site Traffic with Emotions

One of the surefire ways to earn more traffic to your site is to engage with your viewers. You must know how to trigger their ticks and figure out how you will be able to maximize it. This is simply because there are some simple vital points that can persuade your viewers and readers in buying or patronizing your brand. One of those triggers that can help you gain more traffic is your website traffic’s emotions. Their emotions can affect the way they decide. And when you were able to use these emotions and trigger it in a way that it will persuade them in buying products, then I might say you really are the nearly perfect marketer.

How to increase site traffic with emotions?

Let us first see things clearly. Let us identify what kind of emotions could help you persuade your viewers in supporting your brand? How will you be able to maximize these emotions in your dispense?

  • Happiness – To top off our list is the first basic and common emotion that people feel, which is what we call happiness. The feeling of joy usually results to increase the chance of buying their wanted product/service which is rooted from increase web traffic. One way of instilling happiness with your audience is to create contents that bolster a “feel good” idea on your traffic. If this happens, your traffic will keep coming back for more.
  • Contentment – Another thing on our list is the feeling of contentment. As what is usually depicted as a factor for better SEO, contentment is understood as one of the emotions to trigger when it comes to traffic generation. Give your traffic what they wanted and they’ll keep on coming back. Once other viewers discover this feeling, they’ll pay a visit to your site and you’ll be swarmed with traffic in no time at all.
  • Fear – Don’t get me wrong on this. Fear does not always connote negativity. Sometimes, fear depicts safety, security, and being wise to avoid what is not right in your decision. Sometimes, website owners use fear to give their viewers an idea of how their products/services could help their customers in times of need. So in conclusion, we could say that fear can also mean awareness. And since your web traffic like to have constant awareness, they’ll be enticed to visit a site that gives off awareness.
  • Sadness – Another misinterpreted emotion on our list is sadness. It is not necessary that you viewers feel sad when they visit your website. Sadness can be correlated with pity or care. Sadness towards people (e.g. non-profitable groups and outreach programs) that gives a hint of pity and care can attract more traffic since we have this intuition to help other people. This happened with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. More caring traffic means more consistent traffic.

Website owners, now that you know how to increase site traffic with emotions, it will be easier for you to manage your traffic flow. Now, you won’t need to use other failed strategies to gather enough traffic to your site. All you need to do is to find the right emotional core and trigger it for engagement. With that, your traffic will be persuaded and encourage not only to visit your website, but to attract more viewers for bigger internet impact.