How to Increase Internet Traffic to your Website without BlackHat

January 2, 2015

How to increase Internet Traffic to your Website

Optimizing your website is one heck of a job. Adjusting your contents and updating your designs just to please your search engine crawlers requires a lot of time, money, effort and patience. A lot of us are already knowledgeable about the things that search engine wants on our sites. We already want to know how to boost website traffic through SEO, you need to have:

  • Keywords – Considered as the basic building block of your contents. Keywords helps your content to appear whenever your viewers type in the corresponding keywords that will fill their query. The more keyword tags your content has, the wider its reach and its exposure.
  • Links – SEO is also about backlinks, shareable links and outside links. If crawlers see that your website’s URL is spread among the internet, they think that it is spread naturally by your viewers. This improves your reputation, putting you on a better spot on search engine results pages (SERPS).
  • Images – Your website’s images also play an important part when it comes to optimization. According to some gurus, a page must have at least one image for it to be considered “optimized”. Putting images on your page also improves readability, which is significantly enjoyed by your website traffic.

These are only 3 of those important aspects when it comes to SEO. True enough that optimizing your site needs a lot of time to “legally” execute it. The problem is, some webmasters don’t want to struggle much. They choose to do it the easy way. And yes, we all know that all shortcuts tend to cause more pain than good results. This is why BlackHats still exist.

Little do website owners know that BlackHat SEO is punished heavily by search engines. What’s worse is when you are penalized, it won’t be easy to recover, leaving your website in a very “sticky” situation.

If you really want to have real website traffic without risking for BlackHat, then you might consider trying out these “BlackHat” like strategies.

How to increase internet traffic to your website with those “black” strategies without the consequences of bad SEO?

  • “Spam” social media sites – If your hand is itching to spam just like what you always do when practicing BlackHats, you could try out the versatility of social media sites. Here, you could regularly post your advertisements. Just make sure you create a content that is interesting and engaging. If you get lucky, your contents might be shared through other social media sites.
  • “Cheat” with your images – Just like what we have said earlier, images play an important part with SEO. You could cheat a little bit by including 1 to 2 additional images on your post. Make sure it is evenly spread across your contents so it doesn’t look compressed and bulky.
  • Use signatures to “repeatedly spread” your domain name/URL – Wanting to spread your domain name/URL without being reprimanded? You can attach your domain name on your signatures when joining forums and threads. This can help you gather more website traffic by exposing them to your links legally.
  • “Reuse” your contents with article syndication – Do you want to post your contents again and again? Why not syndicate it instead? Follow the proper syndication rule by including the link of your original post or by attaching a NoFollow tag. You can also rewrite it so that it could give your web traffic a fresher view.
  • “Unlimited Targeted Traffic” by buying traffic – Lastly, you can get all the traffic (real, legitimate and targeted) that you’ll need when you buy it from legitimate websites traffic service providers. Just make sure that your traffic supplier is real and legitimate to ensure traffic’s quality.

You don’t need to risk out your website’s reputation with BlackHat SEO. You can get real website traffic if you know how to optimize the right way. Stop practicing BlackHat and start applying these hacks how to increase internet traffic to your website.