How to Get Traffic to your Website Fast

September 26, 2014

How to get traffic to your website fast

One of the things that would-be internet marketers should take note is the importance of time. In this field of business, every second counts. One single second could mean a click to purchase, a subscription, and an input to a form or even a visit. All important things can happen to a website within that precious second. For online marketers, being fast is the name of the game. You need to know how to get traffic to your website fast because “if you snooze, you lose”.

Just like the Flash, those cars on Need for Speed and Road Runner, being fast is a game-changer in the selling online. Because in our field, competition is as harsh as it seems. One tiny moment could change how your earnings would come out. A moment of ignoring a customer could both mean a downfall of your company and an advantage for others. But with our World Wide Web today, a website will have a hard time generating traffic to his domain. So how can a website survive if it can’t generate traffic and do it as fast as it can?

In this case, we need to know the best web traffic sources for your website. In what websites should you venture to get more traffic? What websites could actually give you fast and reliable traffic? Or even what is the best real traffic source on the internet?


Have no fear! We listed some of them here to guide you on your traffic hunting.


  • Forums and Threads – How to get free website traffic? Why not join forums and threads! These websites may not look like your first pick on the list, but trust us, these websites offer more than what you think of. Forums and threads generate targeted traffic to your website. This is because the forums and threads are subdivided on specific topics (that will eventually lead you to a specific niche). All you have to do is join in with the discussion, contribute an idea that everyone will benefit, build your reputation through these approaches and get them into following you on your website. You can do this by attaching your domain link on your signature.
  • Blogging – Business blogs are one of the lifelines that online marketers use to remain in their ranks on search engine results. Blogging was popularized in 1999 and since then, blogging has never been “out-of-date”. Online marketers use blogs to inform their viewers anything that is related to their niche. Because blogs are used for a more “humane” approach, it “clicked” with the viewers immediately.
  • Reddit and other “online collection of anything” – We didn’t consider Reddit as a social media, but rather we treated it as an “online library of everything” (and we really mean everything). Because of Reddit’s popularity and its wide range and reach, it is virtually possible to get traffic to your site fast from these sites. “Online libraries” are like forums and threads. The main difference with these two is that online libraries are so diverged and active while forums are more serious and stern. Either way, Reddit and other online libraries is one of your must haves when you want to get traffic fast.
  • Social Media – We cannot opt out this traffic source. Social media is a no-brainer when it comes to traffic gathering. We know that everybody who surfs the internet goes to at least 1 to 2 social media sites. And since almost everybody goes to these sites, web marketers use this as an advantage. The best place to get traffic is the place where the traffic usually gathers. In this case, to get those kind of traffic is by using social media platforms.
  • Traffic suppliers – When you really can’t generate traffic, your last option should be traffic suppliers. When you ask “what is the best source of “targeted traffic to my website”, then traffic suppliers are your one-stop-shop. You just tell them your target traffic, demographics and niche and they will do the rest. Just make sure to choose the right traffic provider.


These are just some of the most common traffic sources that you can use to get  traffic to your website fast. There are other sources of website traffic that you can use. Just venture deeper on the internet and let your versatility sway you into success.