How to Buy Traffic with Credit Card

May 25, 2015


Almost everything in our world are now available with just a swoosh of a credit card. When we go inside supermarkets and even restaurants, you could definitely see little mechanical boxes which displays “credit card accepted here” on top. This is the time when you could actually survive the outside world with no paper cash on your wallet and no coins or dimes jingling on your pockets. But now, outside transactions are not only automated, you could also buy website traffic with credit card.

First and foremost, when we say credit cards, we are talking about those plastic cards which as digital money inside. And with these credit cards, life as a consumer was never been easier. Now, you could almost buy anything without worrying for cash. With just the account number of your credit card, you could purchase anything from books, to clothes, to the foods that you can order, and now, you can even buy website traffic. With this, online marketers could have the traffic that they want, faster, easier and more convenient than traditional transactions.

The question is how can you use your credit card when you transact with your traffic suppliers? How can you still buy targeted traffic with these transactions? These are the steps when purchasing with the use of PayPal :


  1. Check your billing information – Before you could know how to send traffic to your website with this certain transacion, you should first check the uppermost part of your form. Double check the Description of your purchased item, the terms included on it and the total amount of your payment.


  1. Choose a Payment Method – After checking your purchased item, choose either PayPal (for PayPal users) or you could create your own PayPal account.
    1. I already have a PayPal account – If you already have your PayPal account, you could type in your email and the password of your account and press “Log In”, then you could follow the next prompt ins by PayPal
    2. I need to create a PayPal account – For non-PayPal users, you could create your PayPal on the site itself. Just fill out the following:
      1. Country – Choose the country that you are from
      2. Credit or Debit Card Information – Type in your First Name and your Last name (both that will appear as is on your card). Then select your card type (MasterCard/Eurocard,Visa/Delta/Electron, American Express, Discover, Maestro). And then type in your Card Number, the Expiry Date and the Card Security Code. For Maestro users, you should include your Start Date and the Issue Number.
      3. Billing Address – From here, you will type your Address line 1, Address line 2, your Town/City, your Country and your Postcode.
      4. Contact Information – This information will only be used to contact you regarding your payment, if needed. From here, you need to input your Email Address and your Home Phone Number. You can use this is you really need to buy web traffic in bulk.
      5. Security Check – Lastly, there will be a GAPTCHA like image which you should enter correctly.
      6. Read the terms and agreements of PayPal with its Privacy Policy


  1. Click Continue to move on with your transaction.


There you have it. These are the procedure when you buy website traffic with credit card. Be careful with your transactions, keep your credit card limited and happy shopping!