How to Analyze Web Traffic

November 12, 2014

analyze web traffic

If you have a dog and you love it so much, you probably took it to a vet once a month for its check-up. If you have done this, then most probably you visit your doctor, too, every month (or at least) for your health check-up. We bet that you also had some of your gadgets had undergone check-ups. No wonder even some parts of your home got their annual check-up. That is the word “maintenance” plays an important role in our lives. And with that, we also “maintain” our website by knowing the ways on how to analyze web traffic.

Before you analyze stuff, you must first figure out what web traffic really is. In simplest form, we could define web traffic as the viewers that your website is receiving on a certain point in time. These viewers may come from different web traffic sources such as Direct (from those sites directly written on search bards), Referrals (for those viewers who got on your website through links), Backlinks (for those websites who got links leading deeper on their website) and the like. With these different kinds of links, your website continuously lives.

So now that you know the basic information about web traffic, you now need to understand how to see site traffic. And with different ways and procedures of checking that traffic, you will have a lot of choices to choose from. To help you out with this dilemma, we listed down some tips, ways and even sources of traffic analysis, which you can use to check your website traffic. Use these tips and tricks regularly to keep your website “in shape” regularly.

Sources of Traffic Analytics

Before you measure your website traffic, you need the proper equipment for it. Take this different websites and tools that offer great measurements for your site.

  • Alexa Ranking – Alexa is one of the most common traffic analytic instruments that almost all websites use in ranking their website. You might as well consider using Alexa web traffic analysis.
  • Google Analytics – If you really want to search and check your website traffic, then why not use the largest search engine instrument? Just register your domain and get ready to see accurate results, courtesy of Google.
  • Crazy Egg – A heat map makes a difference when it comes to analytics. One of the most recommended heat map tool is Crazy Egg. Bonus tip : Yahoo uses Crazy Egg
  • Statcounter – Statcounter does its best in tracking real website traffic accurately with its algorithms. What’s great with Statcounter is that it can give twice or thrice the accurate of your ordinary traffic counters.
  • Extremetracking – If you really want tracking to the extreme, then extreme tracking is what you need. The site can give you your usual tracking coverage but with additional information such as browser types, the location of the user and the like.

Procedure in analyzing traffic

Now you know some websites that check your traffic, it’s time to know the procedures. In this sample, we will use Alexa’s traffic analysis.

  • Input the domain name – Simply type in the domain name of your website. Let us use Google for example. To check for Google’s analytics. Simply type “GOOGLE.COM”.
  • Just wait for you analytics do its measurement – Alexa will automatically give you basic information about your targeted traffic. Since you are using the free version, you will only be limited to some statistics such as Global Ranking, engagements, gender/education/location demographics and keywords that lead to your website.

Tips and Tricks in Analyzing your Website traffic

Now that you have the onset knowledge about traffic checking, you just need to compliment it with these tips.

  • Regularly check your traffic – Just like what you do with your pets, your own body, your own car and your house, your website should also undergo annual maintenance to keep up with its traffic.
  • Use your analytics – According to Alexa ranking, 34% of businesses doesn’t know what to do with their analytics. Don’t be part of that 34%. As much as possible, utilize and maximize the statistics of your traffic.

With a better understanding on how to analyze web traffic, you could treat your data better. Remember to maintain your website as always and keep giving your traffic the best of your products and services.

Image from: FreeDigitalPhotos