How Can Meta Title Attract Traffic?

November 24, 2015

girl thinking of meta title and traffic

Previously, we tackled the majority’s lack of attention to meta data. We already discussed why dozens of website owners are so “aloof” with meta data. We do already know that this is one of the reasons that makes tons of websites lack search engine traffic. And despite such negative approach with meta data (especially with meta descriptions), we found some ways on how to optimize meta description for traffic. But today, we’re  not solely tackling on meta description. Today, we’ll be talking about another meta data that may look simple in SEO, but it does more when it comes to visitors.  Today, we’ll be talking about meta title and traffic!

Part 2 – The Meta Title

Everyone knows what titles are for. As a matter of fact, even a grade school student could point out the importance of titles. However, titles are not just simply “titles” in the world of SEO and traffic.

Titles (like keywords) separate your site from other unrelated pages and queries. Titles group your contents to those pages that are related to the same topic. Titles (like descriptions) tell what your readers should expect on the page that they’re visiting, but some use titles to attract attention instead of providing a straight definition of the content it describes.

Meta titles are usually limited to 60 characters. And unlike your cliché tips and tricks, it doesn’t always follow the idea that shorter titles are better than longer ones.

How can Meta Title Attract Traffic?

Titles can be fixed according to your own wants and needs. Anyone can be flexible with their title as long as the content is still relevant to the user’s original intent.

Every website owner must remember that their meta title is important because:

  1. It directs the right visitor to your site.
  2. It affects SEO greatly.
  3. It’s your one chance shot to attract website traffic.

But how can your meta title attract traffic? Well, you could follow these strategies!

  • Attach your target keywords – Use your target keywords when creating your title. This will not only help it appear on chosen keywords (SEO) but it also helps readers to identify your page’s content.
  • Wow them with numbers – Titles with numbers easily stand out from the rest. Use this as an advantage!
  • Be mysterious – Another great way to attract traffic through titles is by “covering” the original content of your page. Be mysterious by using “click bait” titles. This will encourage readers to visit your page to know exactly what’s inside.

Website owners who just buy traffic from trusted providers without optimizing their meta data aren’t really getting enough traffic at all. To boost your site, you must also know how to optimize your meta data (especially your meta title!)

Do these things, and you’ll be able to use your meta title in attracting traffic!