How Can Meta Description Attract Traffic

November 23, 2015

man thinking of meta description and traffic

Whenever uploading a single content on your website, one of the things that you initially fill up is their meta data. You spend minutes figuring out which words can perfectly fit into your meta title, your meta keywords and your meta description. But despite the amount of time that we allot for this task, some of us still believe that meta data isn’t really important anymore. Others will most probably say How can my meta description attract traffic if it isn’t really that important anymore? And because of these misinterpretation with meta data, it gains lesser and lesser attention as SEO develops.

But in reality, this lack of love for meta data makes website owners unsuitable to attract more search engine traffic.

Part 1 – The Meta Description

Let’s start off with the most ignored buddy in the group, the meta description.

Did you know that without a good meta description, your chances of attracting traffic may lessen by a margin?

Yes, meta description attract traffic by providing them a good “description” on what should they expect inside the page they are attached to.

Meta descriptions only allow users to allot 160 characters on it. This means that you need to grab your visitor’s attention and stand out from the rest of the crowd in less than 160 characters.

Thought it doesn’t look like it really matters to SEO, it does matter a lot in terms of traffic.

How can Meta Descrption Attract Traffic?

Just like what we have said earlier, meta description matters because it’s one of the only ways your page can “describe” itself to your website traffic. If you won’t be able to provide a read-worthy description, your page won’t stand out.

There are a few ways to create a great meta description. Here are some of them:

  • Make a very brief description about that page – This is the most traditional way of creating your meta description. Readers will more likely click a page which answers their query immediately.
  • Be crazy by using “click baiting” descriptions – You can also try using “click baiting” when creating your meta description. Users should be aware that this strategy may only be applied on certain queries.
  • Attach CTAs (call to action) – You can also improve your click through rate by attaching CTAs like click here or read more here. This is effective if your page tackles on tips or informative contents.

Creating great meta descriptions can make your page click and read-worthy. Website owners should remember that sometimes, it’s not enough to buy traffic. You also need to optimize your meta description as well!

And that’s how meta description attract traffic!